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Nothing But Genuine Japanese Nature.

This week, I took a short summer vacation and made a very, very short trip to the GOTO islands in Nagasaki, the southern part of Japan. Every Japanese pupil learns there are the islands on the map of the Japanese territory, however, almost nobody but experienced tourists visit there. The GOTO islands are located far away from the main part of the Nagasaki Prefecture. A 90-minitues trip by speedboat.

Meanwhile, the global financial market has been changing itself, again, dramatically. As I correctly predicted, August 4, the last Friday, was the decisive day of a “sea change”. In Japan, the REIT market got started with new challenge to go upward. Besides that, cryptocurrencies such as “Bitcoin” is soaring over the weekend. Conditioned that D. Trump would NOT eventually make up his mind to order (preemptive) military attacks against DPRK in the first or second week of the forthcoming September, the upward trend in the global financial market will go on approximately until the end of October. That’ll be a great event, I think on one hand.

But on the other hand, I just become aware of the fact that all these things are really NOTHING and that we should get back rather to factors much more essential to our life. The beauty of the nature I happened to enjoy in the GOTO islands made me awake in this regard. When you become rich in the Japanese society, you’re privileged to pay long stays, for example, in Hawaii and even to buy a villa on the Hawaiian beach. There, you can immediately recognize how beautiful and “natural” indeed is the local ocean, while it never smells other than the seawater of the industrially polluted Tokyo Bay. To keep on enjoying the Hawaiian nature, you have to continue to work extremely hard, so that the current system of the western-dominated civilization is continuously to expand. Both the digital economy and the financial capitalism are just part of it.

It’s the accelerated industrialization with the western origin that has heavily polluted the beautiful nature on the globe. Particularly, the one in Japan was totally destructed since the end of the WWII. In the Japanese modernization, the human quality life has been in inverse proportion to nature conservation. When we recognized the urgent need of environmental protection, the beauty of the nature was so completely destructed that it won’t restored as it was since the ancient time.

The seawater in the GOTO islands never smells and the sea breeze there made me just become aware of what the nature is. We usually believe that we are the “Creator” of everything on the earth. But the fact is we are “Destructors” who are arrogant enough to forget how to live a balanced life in proportion to the nature’s beauty. Maybe, the best way for us, all the human beings, could be doing nothing at all against the environment. Instead, we should work on adapting ourselves to the nature’s rules so as to become a part of it again.

Well, that’s what I thought of in the beautiful GOTO islands. The short summer vacation will soon come to an end and the struggle for the new period “Pax Japonica” will resumed within hours. Nevertheless, I won’t forget the feeling I’ve got in the islands, which are far away from the capital of Japan.