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Modern Alchemy and Japan

Yesterday early morning, I got back from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo. In the former, I attended a special meeting of the BOAO forum for Asia in terms of “One Road – One Belt”, and had an opportunity to understand what PRC really wants to accomplish from now on. After establishing the controversial AIIB in the financial world, PRC is about to control energy and resource prices. The nightmare we had around 2010, when PRC began export control of rare earth elements, will return soon. Just imagine what will happen, if such a rigorous export control will be introduced, while a huge amount of money has been poured into the global market as results of US-EU-Japan-Sino joint quantitative easing. What we will soon face is the economic war between PRC and the western world, where strategic inflation will be weaponized.

At this crossroad, the genuine leadership of the overseas Chinese, which is traditionally entitled to say the “last word” even to PRC, asked the very hardcore of the Japanese historical authority, whether it also would join the project or not. Because I myself tried to bridge them, I personally know the whole story. As far as I know, the relationship between them was so close at least till early 1960s that the latter’s request to secretly help Japan financially was accepted by the former. Nevertheless, “this time is different.” The very hardcore of the Japanese traditional authority clearly refused to collaborate with the Chinese friends from the ancient time.

When you, dear readers, observe only what happens in front of the door, you must miss what this refusal really means behind the door. This is exactly what I have been expecting: Dramatic change to “Pax Japonica”. Why?

In order to enable this, Japan has to be relieved from controls by two powers. The one is power of overseas Chinese, and another is US-American power on behalf of the Jewish world. The former gets back to the East Asian tradition, in which all the dynasties have been approved and authorized by the Chinese power. To cut off this tradition automatically causes tremendous troubles to those who are concerned. For me, the signal given by the very hardcore of the Japanese authority is quite simple and obvious: “Relieve me from your control, and let me control the whole world instead.”

As far as the latter Jewish-US story is concerned , the things seem to remain unchanged, at least so far. Since the end of the WWII, US forces (Yes, “forces” literally) Japan to work as alchemist. Whenever US faces economic difficulties, Japan is obliged to rescue her by printing “assets”. Plus, Japan works as safe haven dedicated only to US. Whenever economic turmoil comes closer, the US-American leadership transfers incredible amount of money to the special account of a certain Japanese megabank. As long as Japan is willing to collaborate in such a manner, Japan herself is allowed to allocate a part of the printed assets to her economy, so that it can flourish. This was the result of the repeated deals between General D. McArthur and His Majesty. The US side firmly believes nothing will be changed forever in this system.

To be honest, I strongly doubt it and think this attitude of US-American friends to be awfully naïve. From my viewpoint, what the very hardcore of the Japanese traditional authority just commits itself to do is to unilaterally shorten the period to fulfill the contract with US. Originally, it shall be kept until 2045. However, the Japanese traditional authority has secretly begun to invalidate the promise from now on. Off course, it will never declare to nullify the hidden agreement vis-à-vis US expressis verbis. It just instructed Bank of Japan to suddenly start quantitative easing as a preparation for hyperinflation directly connected with de facto default. Imagine, what will happen if Japan will default? Take a look at the following article:

“Each Government, consistently with the principle that economic stability is essential to international peace and security, will make available to the other and to such other governments as the two Governments signatory to the present Agreement may in each case agree upon, such equipment, materials, services, or other assistance as the Government furnishing such assistance may authorize, in accordance with such detailed arrangements as may be made between them.”

This is an extract from the U.S. and Japan Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement signed on March 8, 1954. Once “economic stability” in Japan will be distorted, Japan won’t be obliged to take measures to assist US. And Japanese economy will be indeed distorted, when Japan will de facto default. Whenever Japan will get into default, US will automatically be forced to default, under condition that those who are deeply involved in the above shown alchemy for the sake of US will be physically erased. At that moment, the final liberation of Japan will be accomplished, and “Pax Japonica” will be launched.

This is exactly why Japan needs her default. All the genuine patriots in Japan shall be fully committed to this secrecy. Stay tuned.