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The Man Who Knew Too Much.

If you come to Japan or just stay there, you can hardly find out there are two different types of local human network. The one is a normal one: We can’t live without any help from other persons who surround us. In our daily life, we depend on each other to solve a series of problems we face one after another. This kind of human network always exists wherever human beings are. Of course, it’s not limited to Japan.

However, another network is something totally different: The Japanese Imperial House connects itself through both serendipity and synchronicity to those who play significant roles to help it reign. Official title or academic career doesn’t matter at all. Rather dual-directional secret flow of essential information and intelligence based on that make them all connected. And whenever the Japanese Imperial House starts to move, it sends secret signals to those who are chosen and get connected. The point is the Japanese Imperial House never express itself with words. Instead of that, it sends non-verbal signal to show the time to move has come. Only those who are aware of what “time and space” are capable of understanding what the Imperial House means. Once the signal is sent out, everything will begin to go ahead towards the next phase of human history.

The day before yesterday, a new signal was sent out. I was extremely honored to receive the signal. Thanks to it without “saying” anything, I’m now quite confident that we, the human beings finally step forward. I suppose a race of the Japanese people chosen by both serendipity and synchronicity, who usually pretend to be “normal” in daily life, have got the signal.

By the way, serendipity and synchronicity make me further understand what happened in detail again. While celebrating the year’s end with cozy guys in Fukuoka, I had the opportunity to get to know a former Japanese genuine corporate warrior from 1970s and 80s. As a member of Japanese esteemed trading houses or “SHOUSHA”, he was even dispatched to Teheran as student to study Persian. Since then, he was always situated in Middle East to expand his company’s business throughout 1970s and 80s.

During our conversation, I was totally ashamed of my own ignorance. I didn’t know even a tiny fact that each one of Japanese esteemed trading companies was exclusively in charge of one specific country in ME: Mitsubishi Corporation in Iraq, Mitsui & Co. Ltd. in Iran, and Sumitomo Corp. in Kuwait. Behind such a full coverage of business in Middle East, I felt the then hidden strategy of the Japanese Imperial House. It was crude oil that mattered for Japan in WWII. In lack of crude oil, Japan was defeated and occupied. Therefore, it was quite natural that Japan secretly approached to leadership of ME countries after the WWII to secure oil. For this reason, all the then Japanese “corporate warriors” were dispatched to there. Who currently knows among us that Saddam Hussein and Donald Rumsfeld were “good friends” until 1980s, while the latter brutally “executed” the former by “Operation Iraqi Freedom” in 2003.

I firmly believe the encounter in the last evening will again lead me to better understanding of the past. And with this knowledge to be acquired, I will surely contribute to enable “Pax Japonica” from the very near future.