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Once the City Moves, It Shakes the Entire World.

Recently, our institute is checking feasibility of the project to penetrate into PRC market, while posting some self-made short movies with Chinese subtitles to popular video sharing site such as “Bilibili”. Even though my staffs in charge enthusiastically work on it, initial reactions of the audience in Chinese mainland were awfully negative. They can’t simply understand our institute is a think tank on commercial base, and doubt our authenticity. One of them even commented by asking himself, “Are you really a think tank?”.
For the ordinary Chinese, it must be just difficult to understand a private company is totally independent and does private business, since all the traditional “think tanks” in PRC are entirely state-owned without freedom of speech.
Having said that, I’m extremely afraid you’re also wondering who we are and what our institute has achieved so far as a professional think tank dedicated to make future risk/strategic scenarios. Here you are with the following PV of our institute with English subtitles. Please check it. (For Chinese friends and colleagues, please wait a little bit more by we’ll finish translation of the same PV into Chinese. Stay tuned).

Just a brief comment to current situations of the global market and geopolitical risks. Because almost all the parts of the global community are connected with each other by financial capitalism, of which the City of London the very core is, the entire world will be inevitably shaken from the first half of forthcoming February this year. As soon as Boris Johnson will succeed to officially declare the beginning of BREXIT on 31 January, nobody can’t stop the City of London to relocate itself to other appropriate places. But the question is “WHERE”. According to our institute’s future scenario to be published very soon, one of the best candidates in this regard is TOKYO, the capital of Japan. In short, “Good-bye, London. Hello , Tokyo”. Maybe, you don’t feel you fully agree with me right now. Nevertheless, please check out media reports a few years ago, which say TOKYO signed an official MoU with the City of London to deepen their mutual cooperation. Together with another big candidate “SHANGHAI”, East Asia is about to its new face as the new center of global finance. Don’t miss it. If you have any questions and comments, don’t hesitate to send them to me. In advance, I highly appreciate it.