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How to Get Involved in Netherworld’s Money.

Since I was abruptly connected to those who are directly dealing with world class secret funds from historical reasons, I’ve been enriching my knowledge related to them. And finally, I just become aware of the Arcanum which only insiders of the secret funds’ world are allowed to know. Let me just try to explain what is it, as far as I may briefly: There are two types of money per se. The one is the printed money, which we usually use in daily life. It’s central banks which are in charge of printing and distributing them in the financial market. Because this kind money is physically existing, nobody can hardly deny it, even though so-called “credit creation” adds something a little bit abstract to this story. Nevertheless, the money in this meaning is from everybody’s viewpoint too obvious to vanish.

The point is that we don’t come to an end of this story only saying the above. Because there is indeed another world of money, which is totally different from the former. Let’s call it “netherworld’s money” simply.

Why netherworld? Because this kind of money has been directly connected to each one of both historical and symbolic events for the humankind, while those who directly got involved almost passed away. However, their legal empowerment from the netherworld still validates the usage of this type of money, which are normally deposited as secret treasury strictly controlled by closed human network.

Now, you may wonder how come this netherworld’s money can exist. Yes, your question and doubt in this direction are awfully legitimate, because the former, I mean, printed or “living” money seems to be sufficiently supplied to the market so that there is no room left for the bizarre “netherworld’s money”. But if you stick to this position, you never understand the reality of the global financial system, which has been historically developing based on both publicly announced and hidden events. The most important fact is it’s US that succeeded to get financed massively in 1934. The USG is still obliged to pay the debt back to prioritized investors from all over the world. Of course, the USG doesn’t have physical assets which back printed USD banknotes any more. Regardless of this simple fact, the USG never stops to give IBOE (International Bill of Exchange) to the above shown privileged investors with historical backgrounds, which “officially” empower them to draw numerous amount of USD from USG’s state account. What we may not forget is the fact the empowered investors are, in fact, never permitted to do so. Well, how can they get profit from investment their historical ancestors did?

For the time being, I’ll just leave the question to you. Take your time, guys. If you’ll be able to answer the eternal question, you’ll immediately get involved to the netherworld’s money. Shall we try to enter another dimension of financial life?