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Es ist genug (It’s enough).

Last evening, I succeeded to get back from OKAYAMA to TOKYO by aircraft with my younger colleague. Why “succeeded”? Because it was reported to have rained heavily in Tokyo and our aircraft failed to reach OKAYAMA on schedule. The guy of the airline even announced it could get back to OKAYAMA due to extremely bad weather, even though it could once take off. Anyway, the destiny led me to move forward, and it had stopped to rain, before I got back to TOKYO, as it was always the case in such an occasion in my life.

Having enjoyed a dinner with one of my closest alliance partner, who’s expert of intellectual property, I finally got home and found the latest version of “Der Spiegel”, a leading German weekly magazine, on table. It shows “chronicle of this year 2015” with a series of persons who moved and shook the world community.

I took a look at it and had spontaneously a specific feeling: “It’s enough”. The prominent magazine shows us one after another what has been happening in this year. Murder, terrorism, and disasters. In German, I murmured: “Es ist genug”. At that moment, I felt I finally understood why Alban Berg, a member of “Second Vienna School” led by Arnold Schoenberg, picked up J. S. Bach’s chorale entitled in the same way in his last work “Violinkonzert”.

Of course, our life is continuous grapple for survival, which never ends. Particularly in the age of dramatic changes such as the current one, the destiny never promises us to survive and always divides us into two groups. The one consists of those who are allowed to go up, while another one declines. To keep on being in the former, every single member of the human society is forced to grapple with difficulties, which emerge infinitely. When you stop to do so, it automatically means the end of the game. The destiny will throw you away to misery beyond description.

Nevertheless, it’s true we sometimes need to take a rest to breathe deep. To make sure the meaning of life, we really need somewhere appropriate, where we can enjoy just the time passes. To go beyond turmoil in daily life ahead, it’s essential for us to find out such a sanctuary to survive.

“No hay caminos, hay que caminar (There’s no way, but we have to go ahead)”. Our life gets increasingly hard, however, we’re not allowed to stop. Bearing in mind what the phrase “Es ist genug.” means, a brand new morning has come again.