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Emerging New World Order and Innovation from FUKUSHIMA

Having read my previous post, you may be puzzled to understand what happened on the “X-Day”, around January 21, 2015, which I pointed out, after all. Exclusively for you, dear readers, let me summarize it as follows:


The King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah passed away. Now, it was officially announced, even though we speculated he had died even before the announcement, since his illness had been well known thanks to media reports in the end of the last year. The Saudi King was a “living built-in stabilizer” in ME. In Lack of his presence, the previous order of ME is about to be totally destabilized towards the “New Middle East” which the NATO leaked to the public since 2006.

The US Congress decided to invite Israeli PM Netanyahu to deliver a speech during its session against the will of President Obama. As a preemptive measure, WH already made its intention public not to hold a bilateral summit with Netanyahu in such an occasion. Because the Obama administration made efforts to finish its long-run negotiation with the Iranian by making a series of compromises, the forthcoming visit of Netanyahu will force the US-American public opinion to finally make a fatal decision: “Whether we should accept the Iranian as our old but new friend or not”. Meanwhile, the Iranian strategically signed the agreement with Putin on military cooperation, which allows the Russian to provide the former with S-400, brandnew SAM. In addition, the proxy war between the Iranian Revolutionary Guard plus Hizbollah and the IDF has been escalating in the Golan Heights, which was originally possessed by the House of Rothschild. On the brink of the possible Third World War and anti-Semitism, the Obama Administration will give its final answer to the world community soon.

-Not Nintendo’s famous Mario, but Mario from Rome shocked the global market: The ECB decided to launch its massive QE program from March. By going beyond the “point of return”, the Euro-zone voluntarily proceeded to be collapsed. To rescue the southern Europeans, who never took serious that not the German but they should combat their own financial disaster, the current fiscal soundness in Berlin. If I were Angela Merkel, I would immediately secede from the Euro-zone and form my new one with the Netherlands and Finland by getting back gold reserve from both Paris and NY. After depegging of Swiss Franc from Euro, a number of other currencies are nominated as potential target of similar measures. It’s just the beginning of the US-dollar dominated currency system.

– Last but not least, two Japanese citizens were announced to be kidnapped by the Islamic State for ransom. PM Shinzo ABE shortened his schedule to visit ME and was forced to answer to the IS: “To pay or not to pay. That’s the question.” From my viewpoint, the leadership of the global community now focuses on whether Japan would concentrate just on her national interest to save lives of the guys, or go on to set new frameworks to the whole world including ME in spite of sacrificing a part of her own interest. Unless Japan wouldn’t do so, her nationals would be kidnapped and killed one after another by “Islamic terrorist” (= covert actions of western/Islaeli intellicence agencies) not only in ME but all over the world.


Let’s take a look at what quantitative analysts are just saying: My closest alliance partner, Mr. HKD, sent me the latest result of his analysis in terms of the very near future of the Nikkei 225 index as follows:


20150123   1   17409.06   under 80.04

20150126   1   17440.59   under -71.16

20150127   1   17357.64   under -154.11

20150128   1   17150.94   under -360.81

20150129   1   17323.89   under -187.86

20150130   1   17137.55   under -374.2

20150202   1   17239.69   under -272.06

*20150203   1   17510.34   under -1.41  

20150204   1   17421.77   under -89.98

20150205   1   17468.29   under -43.46

20150206   -1   17642.26   under 130.51

20150209   -1   17640.93   over 129.18

20150210   -1   17640.41   over 128.66

20150212   -1   17640.02   over 128.27

20150213   -1   17641.15   over 129.4

20150216   -1   17642.29   over 130.54

20150217   -1   17642.63   over 130.88

20150218   -1   17642.87   over 131.12

20150219   -1   17643.46   over 131.71

20150220   -1   17644.96   over 133.21

20150223   -1   17645.52   over 133.77

20150224   -1   17646.86   over 135.11

20150225   -1   17647.75   over 136

20150226   -1   17647.52   over 135.77


He additionally warned not to be bullish until February 3, 2015, when something significant is expected to take place again. The next “X-Day” is already set to emerge…


By the way, the beginning of the forthcoming February is of extreme importance in terms of the biggest country risk in Japan: the tritiated water emitted by the Fukushima Dai’ichi Nuclear Plant. As I touched upon previously, a Japanese company successfully invented an innovative technology for transmutation to detoxify the tritiated water, which was never believed and regarded as possible by experts in academia. The CEO of the venture company mailed me yesterday night by saying he’ll be interviewed officially by the GOJ’s secretariat for decommission of nuclear power plant on February 6. Sooner or later after the interview, the Abe administration will make it public whether Japan will show its innovativeness to successfully tackle the issue of FUKUSHIMA or not.


Anyway… The world history, or “Zeitgeist” in German, has just revealed to change towards the next framework. Are you ready??




I’m just about to relaese my new risk/strategic scenario on global macro entitled “Brothers”. Who are the brothers to bring about the dramatic change of world order to “PAX JAPONICA”? Check it out and anticipate the near future together.