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If I Were a Seismologic Strategist…

Good morning. This week, I made a four days tour to give lectures in some significant cities in Japan. Kicking off with one on HRM in Tokio, I then encountered with audience from local companies in Osaka. Having enjoyed myself there with my colleagues, I left for Okayama where I met potential colleague for digital marketing. Since there is no direct air flight from Okayama to the TOHOKU region, I then moved to Hiroshima and stayed there one night. Getting up very early in the morning with a fantastic view of the harbor in Higashi-Hiroshima, I flew to Sendai and held bilateral meetings with those who are company executives and want to do something new for the future. Giving them advices on how to move forward really made me lots of fun, and our institute successfully held the second round of locally specialized seminar for CEOs and entrepreneurs in the city. Finally, I rode on a Shinkan-sen to Tokio, where I was given an opportunity to give a lecture on logical thinking to a newly established project team of a Japanese leading company.

Having said that, I have to say herewith; “I’m exhausted.” Of course, my colleagues who have been accompanying me all through the tour also seem to be awfully exhausted. On the way from Hiroshima to Sendai, I felt I caught a cold. Yesterday evening, I finally found a room to visit a hospital near our HQ in Roppongi. Taking an antibiotic the doctor kindly gave me, I’m feeling much better than beforehand in the morning.

Being in a hazy state caused by the cold, two different things occurred to me. I don’t know why, however, let me write down what I’ve been thinking there: First of all, I spontaneously remembered what western astrologers had unanimously said in terms of the period till May 26 of this year. Because of the on-going constellation, either infectious diseases, heavy rain or mega earthquake could cause huge troubles in the human society. Except for me, many colleagues and friends around me simultaneously took a cold. It’s too obvious to be disregarded here in Tokio. Plus, if you interpret “heavy rain” as troubles caused by liquidity, you can easily find some financial scandals suddenly revealed in Japan: Yoichi MASUZOE, Mayor of Tokio, is being harshly criticized because of his financial misbehavior, while the French authority abruptly began to investigate a corruption case directly related to the summer Olympic games to be held in Tokio in 2020. This will lead Japan to give up holding the game, as I’ve been predicting since 2012.

Having said that, why don’t you think of the third opportunity, that is to say, seismologic risks here in Japan. Combining this with the above shown date “May 26”, I can’t help from imagining that a mega earthquake will happen on the day particularly in Ise/Shima, where the G7 summit meeting will take place. All the leaders and their delegations would suffer from the natural disaster. The Japanese ABE administration would be tremendously criticized by the global public opinion because of failed decision to hold the summit meeting in such a seismologic risky area. We, Japanese, would immediately grasp this is the very earthquake we’ve been told for more than 30 years: Big earthquake in the TOKAI region.

Now, you may wonder it’s just my daydream. However, my most important alliance partner, Mr. HKD, indicated based on his statistical analysis that the Japanese financial market could suddenly collapse in the forthcoming period between May 30 and June 8. In addition, we just saw big earthquake took place recently both in Kumamoto and Ibaraki. Why don’t you pick up the center of the Median Tectonic Line (中央構造線) where the next huge one will happen?

Secondly, I think our institute should focus much more on its own productivity. Because of continuous volatilities in both market and society, the economy per se is apparently shrinking. In such a situation, productivity is the key word, since profit in business is also shrinking. Besides consulting and advisory on HRM and global strategy, we should begin with the third polar which would enable us to earn much more and raise productivity in a dramatic manner.

Well, that’s all, guys. Stay away from the TOKAI region and be prepared. Next week, I’ll myself fly to the southern hemisphere: Sydney. Stay tuned.