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Who’s Kenshin OGAWA?


Since I touched upon a series of stories on secret funds in the global community including ones of both the Japanese Imperial House and former Chinese dynasties, several connoisseurs kindly sent me messages so far with some more significant information and implications. Taking this opportunity, I’d like to express my warmest thanks for their kindness to enrich my knowledge and experiences on this essential issue.

Having heard that, my mentor is now asking me one more question, which is allegedly regarding the most essential point in this context: “Does anyone of your “connoisseurs” know who Mr. Kenshin OGAWA is? If yes, and if he/she can exactly describe who Kenshin OGAWA is, then his/her further messages are reliable. Otherwise, you can forget them, since it’s this gentlman’s name “Kenshin OGAWA” that really matters in terms of the future of the Japanese Imperial House.”

Sorry, but I spontaneously thought it can’t be the case. Why can such a gentleman with ordinary family name as “Mr. K. OGAWA” be connected with the Japanese Imperial Family? From the very beginning of the story, the possibility is totally excluded, don’t you think so??

Well, dear readers, can you please help me figure it out by explaining me how deeply Mr. Kenshin OGAWA is involved in the whole story of global secret funds? Many thanks for your, as usual, kind assistance in advance. Stay tuned.