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Welcome Back to 1990s.

Nikkei 225 soars again. Yesterday, it was added with more than 941 points. Still, the majority of retail investors in Japan seems to be awfully skeptical. They believe the current event to be just temporary, and keep on withdrawing their money from stock markets.

My institute, Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc., is unique enough so that any other think tanks are never be able to copy what we’re doing: Quantitative plus qualitative analysis. In terms of the former, we particularly focus on the past. Because of “Power Law” and fractal as its corollary, the history repeats itself. Of course, what happened never happens again. However, structures which caused past events repeat themselves and lead us to face such similar events as we once experienced.

At this moment, our institute is terribly interested in a series of events in 1990s. Particularly, events which occurred from September 27 to October 2 in 1990. Why?

I just touched upon “structure”, which our human history is made of. In this regard, the phase is extremely important, because it includes three trends which are currently shaking the global community: “Crude oil price rocketed”, “Interest rates were raised”, and “Stock market collapsed after a long lasting surge. Based on that, our instituted correctly predicted yesterday morning that the Japanese stock market was about to rocket in a historical scale. What we saw yesterday in the market was just a beginning. From now on, we’ll continuously being surprised to experience dramatic recovery of the global stock market, especially, in both Europe and Japan till the end of the forthcoming February.

It’s fortitude in our minds that matters. Obviously, a large number of Japanese retail investors gave up in the latest turmoil in the market and are suffering from huge loss. Only those who have been capable of anticipating the very near future could maintain fortitude that helped them to remain seated in the market. This is just the beginning of total inflation: Getting started with recovery of crude oil price from January 28, everything will begin to become much more expensive than ever. This will revive the economy to a certain extent on the one hand, but on the other hand, the total inflation will destroy all the conventional systems in our society, economy and politics, as we faced in 1970s and 1990s.

If you personally want to get involved in the world event, just one week is left for you. As soon as February will come, the next phase of the human history will begin. Don’t hesitate, and just do what you wish. You’re always braced with force.