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US President Obama’s Visit to Hiroshima and Deception.

My previous post in terms of a possible earthquake in the very near future in ISE/SHIMA region was shared by vast readership in Japan. To evade any misunderstanding, I take this opportunity to underline the following: What I wrote down was just based on my adaptive unconscious associated with results of ultramodern statistical analysis by my alliance partner. Of course, results of statistical analysis is steadily being changed due to latest behavior of investors in the market, while an earthquake hasn’t happened yet in the region. What I wanted to say is just “Stay alarmed.”

We Japanese have to remain alarmed, because US President Obama paid a “historical” visit to Hiroshima yesterday. Generally speaking, Japanese media praised Obama’s decision to visit Hiroshima as US President in active service without any reservation. Particularly the scene, when Obama hugheld an old HIBAKUSHA in his arms, extremely touched the Japanese. Having watched this “historical drama” on TV, they spontaneously begin to talk about “the beginning of new Japan-US alliance”.

As you might know, I’m currently staying in Australia. Yesterday afternoon, I reached Tasmania, which one of my best Australian colleagues based in HK enthusiastically recommended. In my room of the best hotel near the harbor in Hobart, I’m typing now.

Viewing from the third place, I find just disgusting how positively the Japanese public opinion, at least presented by mass media, reacted on Obama’s visit to HIROSHIMA. I myself remember what I experienced in Berlin: The German are clever enough to say, “Die Vergangenheit, die nicht vergeht (The past which never vanishes.)”. What you have done, can’t be changed by any means. When the American really want to regard themselves as the nation of humanity, they shouldn’t have attacked both HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI with atomic bombs. In short, I’d say the following famous phrase in Japanese right now: “謝って済むなら警察は要らない(Police is unnecessary, when you are always forgiven, even though you commit crimes.)“

One thing must be underlined herewith: In order to get rid of its own economic turmoil since 2007/8, USG just decides to release “cold fusion” to the market. DOE and US Navy change their policy so drastically, that the new technology of energy will lead us to an extremely effective renaissance in the energy market. For that, nuclear energy must be abandoned, which USG energetically sold to foreign countries, particularly Japan, by saying, “Atom for Peace”. The tragedy is, we Japanese can’t understand this is a story of not “reconciliation with honesty”, but mere economy. Without making Japan throw away her nuclear facilities, the American energy industry can’t effectively sell its “cold fusion” to the Japanese market. That’s it.

Ah, how desperately miserable we Japanese are!! Obama was elected as US President because of his theatrical capability with intelligence. From now on, even the METI of Japan slowly changes its energy policy. “Good bye” to nuclear, “Hello” to new energy, especially cold fusion.

To be honest, it’s Japanese scientists that matter to USG, since their technologies of cold fusion are without doubt superior to the latter’s. Dr. Tadahiko MIZUNO, one of the leading scientist on cold fusion in Japan is said to have clearly demanded USG to apology for atomic bombs in HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI, when he was recently contacted by top scientists of DOE and US Navy. I think he’s a genuine “last SAMURAI”, who commits himself to do the right thing.

Well, to my Japanese friends: Don’t get forgetful. Be proud of being SAMURAI’s children. Don’t believe Obama’s diversionary action.

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