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Two True Stories You Have to Focus on.

While the Japanese public opinion is currently paying attention only to Kenji GOTO’s tragedy in ME, there are indeed plenty of other stories you have to focus on. They are much more of importance from the long-term perspective than the captives’ tragedy.

One of them is the high technology for detoxifying tritiated water emitted by the First Fukushima Nuclear Plant, which I mentioned on this weblog several times. Yesterday, the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy in Tokio interviewed CEO of the venture company in charge. After having successfully given a briefing on what the venture developed to experts and government officials there, he gave me a phone call to say four companies were exclusively invited to the interview. On February 12, 2015, the Agency is said to be going to make the final decision on whether it’ll officially pick up the technology to solve this issue. The venture company has been asking me to make public how far the technology will be developed step by step under the condition that it will be accepted by GOJ. Within five days ahead, you’ll be informed whether this fatal issue of tritiated water in Fukushima will finally vanish forever. Stay tuned.

Another significant story I’m now trying to draw your attention to is regarding the bizarre relationship between Japanese casino and Israel: Until recently, many political leaders in Japan referred to the possibility to legalize casino business, nevertheless, their project obviously failed, and nobody’s talking about the story any more in the Japanese public. The point is Israeli leading English newspaper “Haaretz” now reveals Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM known as a hawkish leader, urged a Japanese high-level official to introduce casino business legally on behalf of Sheldon Adelson, tycoon of world-wide casino business and one of the closest allies for B. Netanyahu. Of course, his PM’s office automatically denied the authenticity of the story and declined to further comment.

To understand correctly what happens behind the scene, you have to know who in fact owns the Sands Corporation which is normally said to be possessed by the Jewish tycoon. It’s not S. Adelson but a clandestine entity for hidden asset of former successive dynasties in China that controls the corporation and casino business as a whole. In the last autumn, I succeeded to contact one of its managers who are entitled to control the financial legacy in Hong Kong. The manager called “Mme. L” clearly explained to me they don’t have any intention to allow the Japanese to open casinos, because they respect us, the Japanese, as a nation of technology which can produce true added values to the world economy. “We instruct our agents to do casino business only in nations and regions which have nothing to do but venues for gambling. Just imagine Singapore and Las Vegas”, she added.

Furthermore, Mme. L. described a series of Jewish leaders and their prominent financial institutions as her agent, which the fund simply hire with money. One of these agents is Sheldon Adelson, who tried to implant casino business to Japan, however, obviously in vain. Logically speaking, the reason for his failure is quite simple: S. Adelson misunderstood instruction given by the Chinese traditional fund. That’s all.

Anyway, I’m still wondering why this story is leaked intentionally at this timing when the trend of Anti-semitism is expanding in an accelerating manner. There must be a certain reason for that, which I’ll try to figure out for you, dear readers.