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This is NOT the End of Story. What’s Next?

Yesterday, I’ve got an amazing message from my staff in Tokyo, which I had awaited enthusiastically. The message I’ve got on board from Sapporo to Osaka said the Student Council of College of Liberal Arts at the University of Tokyo officially decided to invite me as lecturer of self-organized but acknowledged seminar for the forthcoming summer semester in 2020. 14 years have already passed, since I left my alma mater with my last words to students. In my seminar, I’ll try to both theoretically and practically explain how to understand methodology of forecasting, upon which young and talented students at the top university in Japan should base their leadership, self-management and innovation for all. In the midst of current turmoil in the global community, it’s the knowledge and experience on this methodology, or “information literacy (=open source intelligence combined with future scenario making and leadership for innovation)” according to our institute’s methodology that really matter to the younger generation.

As I’ve been predicted from the very beginning of last (not this) year, escalation of horrifying Wuhan Virus never stops after I posted my last column onto this weblog. The number of dead due to this virus, which even PRC government officially admitted and announced, is steadily increasing. Particularly in Europe, not only Chinese but all the Asian people are being gradually rejected to stay there, which sounds step by step “xenophobic”. Many countries take much more draconic measures to control the spreading virus by cutting off cross-border routes to PRC (Russia), and isolating all the civil passengers from Wuhan who are evacuated by official flights (US). As far as I correctly know, Japan is the only country which doesn’t hesitate to make a public announcement that even Chinese tourists are still “welcome” into the Japanese territory. The Government of Japan is obviously unprepared to combat such a disaster we’re now facing. Its reactions and measures are too late and not well calculated, which clearly shows to the public that there is NO future scenario for appropriate risk management within the GOJ.
To make sure, I herewith underline this is NOT the end of the whole story. As I wrote down last time, this is just the very beginning. A series of rather financial and economic crisis will follow very soon, with which pandemic and other natural disasters such as megatyphoon will finally cause total change of our mindset and brain system. In the political, financial and economic realities, we, the Japanese, will soon see the following phenomena in our society:

*The Summer Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo will get canceled due to pandemic. Sooner or later, IOC will make the final decision public accordingly, in collaboration with WHO. But make sure not only Wuhan Virus but other new types (“variant virus”. Tokyo Virus??) could be rather paid attention to.
*Real estate market in Tokyo will hereby collapse or lead to selling climax, since major investors originally planned to their real estates only after the Olympic Games.
*Oil price will rocket because “physical war” will get started based on Trump’s ME peace plan which was not unanimously accepted in the region. The trend will be accelerated since oil producing countries make effort to lead oil price higher by production cut.
*Facing the new “oil shock”, Japan’s economy will immediately get into “stagflation”, which will force Bank of Japan to stop purchase of various assets (“Quantitative Easing”).
*All these crisis and disasters will forcibly lead to Japan’s default, which will trigger the beginning of “Gnosticistic revolution” of the human civilization. According to our institute’s tentative conclusion, this is exactly why UN needs a new, comprehensive agenda (UN 75) apart from “SDGs”, which is regarded as obsolete.

What is “Gnosticistic revolution”? Why from Japan? To answer your legitime questions, our institute recently published our latest future scenario entitled “Tochter aus Elysium”. At this juncture, only Japanese version is available (Sorry). However, if all of you, dear friends and colleagues abroad, kindly request, we’ll work on its English version. Please leave your comments and requests in this regard. In advance, thanks for your kind attention.