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The Ultimate Rescue Fund for the Humankind.

Having successfully held a meeting with my friends in Hong Kong in terms of how to make the world “peaceful”, I tried to get in touch with one of my mentors in Tokyo yesterday. The purpose to meet him was quite simple: To get his assistance and advice to move forward with my friends in HK. To be honest, I fully agree with them on the aim of the project we’ve been pursuing so far, however its methodology per se isn’t always convincing at all. My mentor, who’s one of the esteemed and leading scientific engineers and well known rather in the global community than in Japan, carefully listened to what I explained. And he asked me one simple question: “Well, is the Chinese woman whose name is written in documents you show me Taiwanese national?”

After having got my short answer to this question, he didn’t recommend me to work on the project but recognized its significance. Since he’s quite aware of the existence of an ultimate rescue fund. Furthermore, he knows it in detail and particularly who controls it. According to what he discussed with these guys, who are, by the way, not citizens of one single nation, he clearly pointed out our approach isn’t appropriate and never reach the goal to restore the world’s security and prosperity.

What should be done instead? As you might know, I’m convinced of “Pax Japonica” coming ahead. To my surprise, my mentor agreed on it without any reservation and even expressed the reason why. “Imagine, Mr. Harada, the ultimate secret will reveal that not other countries such as the States but Japan, our mother country, holds the overwhelming huge amount asset and is indeed capable of handling it by herself. If it’s the case, every single state in other parts of the globe will automatically obey what Japan suggests and proposes. It’s money that matters.”

In the context of our original “project”, we intended to seek the opportunity to involve the house of the most significant banker in the western tradition. Nevertheless, my mentor didn’t recommend me to do so, because the house is rather subordinated to the ultimate rescue fund for the whole humankind. “Because the house’s power became a little bit big meanwhile, it was excluded from the human network of those who are entitled to control the fund. Since then, the house turns out to be rather hostile to the fund from time to time”, he said.

Spontaneously, I asked him why the fund isn’t disbursed right now, while the accelerated economic turmoil has been leading the whole world to the age of total volatilities. Let’s take the Japanese example. The newly elected ABE administration doesn’t know what to do to rescue the nation. To my question, my mentor, who implied even his direct involvement in the fund, indicated his intention to watch a little bit more how far the turmoil will last due to both misconducts and inappropriate decisions of Japanese politicians. “But”, he said, “the ultimate rescue fund for the human civilization, which was originally initiated by the former Great Britain, will be switched on at the very last stage of the on-going story. You must be quite sure of the plan.”

The question is who will be asked to implement the plan related with the ultimate plan. According to my mentor’s words, it’s the Japanese Imperial House that is determined to play such a role, even though Japan pretends to suffer from her historical burden of national debt. Once the fund will be disbursed, the debt will be swept away once for all. Meanwhile, the above mentioned original controllers keep on carefully selecting those who may lead members of the Japanese Imperial House to the “right direction”. “It’s a kind of the hardest examination you have to pass in the world”, he pointed out, and added how significant words and phrases of some Japanese political philosophers just before the MEIJI-restoration, such as SHOZAN SAKUMA and SANAI HASHIMOTO, who were simultaneously activists and wanted to renew both Japan and the world order.

“In this regard, you shall always remember the Latin proverb: Bene qui latuit, bene vixit”, he kindly said. The ultimate rescue fund, which will soon enable Japan to lead the global community, is said to be controlled by this simple rule. By mentioning, “I really enjoy your institution’s monthly report you kindly send me”, my mentor implied me what to do from now on. Thanks to the conversation with him, the new era of my life begins. God bless all of you.