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The B Side of USA.

Democracy is based on mutual trust among those who take part in the game. Whoever doesn’t know what “mutual trust “actually means, shall not be entitled to get involved. Obviously. Donald Trump is the one who is to be excluded from the game in this regard.

The Asahi Shimbun, one of the leading newspapers in Japan, reports today’s morning, D. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, took the seat in the G20 Summit meeting in Hamburg, while her father had to go out just for a while. According to the conventional rule in the “G” Summit meeting (G7/8 and 20), the leaders are “personally” supported by Sherpas and Subsherpas, who are both top and talented bureaucrats with sufficient knowledge and experiences. Whenever the leaders can’t attend the Summit meeting, it’s only their Sherpas who are allowed to even physically serve as a proxy of the bosses. However, Ivanka Kushner (former Trump), isn’t obviously not D. Trump’s “Sherpa”, but mere “unpaid Assistant to the President”. By making her take his own seat, the US President made one more new “legend” in the world history.

Having said that, I’m already excited to see how the US public opinion will react on this affair in terms of the global governance. Even this single issue clearly shows how Donald Trump thinks about conventional rules of politics and democracy. He prefers “nepotism” to democracy, because he can believe only his own family members. No one but his daughter may serve as his proxy, since D. Trump can’t help feeling continuous anxiety vis-à-vis all the non-relatives.

Facing such a silent death of the American democracy, the Japanese mass media harshly criticizes the misconducts of Donald Trump and urge USG to revise the failed politics under his political and economic leadership. Nevertheless, some prominent global strategists such as Isao Kubota, President of the Nishi-Nippon City Bank, do not agree with the criticism and remind the Japanese public of the “B Side” of the American political tradition. For example, Isao Kubota referred to this point in his article published in “Kinyu Zaisei Business(金融財政ビジネス)“ as follows:

“It’s remarkable that a built-in mechanism to let the country go to the right direction works in spite of such a leadership as Donald Trump in US. While seeing a series of turbulence on the surface of US, I’m now rather feeling the traditional “toughness” in the US politics, which can be never found in any other developed countries.” (Tentatively translated by the author)

Taking various examples of what the D. Trump’s administration has done so far (the Russian gate and the controversial border control against the Islam etc.), we always recognize there must be the “B Side” of the country, which succeeds to correct the wrong directions of the presidency.

In my own word, it’s the fundamental human network called the “Kokutai(国体)” that governs all the countries in the last moment, while the democratically elected leadership, the “Seitai(政体)“ is always the pseudo-mechanism which usually believe to work. However, once the latter fails to govern, the former is automatically turned on to do the right things.

From my viewpoint, it also the case for my country, Japan, and it’s the high time for the Japanese “Kokutai(国体)” to do the right thing: Tomorrow (July 10, 2017), a special session of the Japanese Diet is to be held to intensively discuss how seriously the anti-democratic nepotism of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his clan harm the sound development of the Japanese society. It must be the final call for Shinzo Abe to resign and we’ll welcome the new political leadership in Japan.

Let’s see whether the “B Side” also works here in Japan successfully as it has done in the States. Sometimes, songs on the “B Side” become much popular than ones on another side. Within a couple of days, we, the Japanese, seriously feel who truly controls the country as the “Kokutai(国体)“ in depth. Stay tuned.