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Resurrection of Japan as Number One in the Post-Corona Phase. Why?

Even though the public opinion can’t fully catch up, some major countries’ governments officially decided they lift parts of tough regulations against further spread of COVID-19. Their so-called “experts” try to argue their countries have the peak of infection with the virus left behind, however, it’s quite obvious that this “X-Day” was pre-determined among these western major countries. From 16 April, they abruptly got started with discussion about reconstruction of national economies and societies in the Post-Corona phase. The statistics they often mention are, again, not fully persuasive to people on the street, therefore, they proceed but only cautiously to “normality” of their daily life.

In my country, Japan, the situation is completely different. Despite the fact she is one of the biggest neighbor countries for PRC, the very starting point of panic due to COVID-19, Prime Minister Shinzo ABE and his government has just announced a state of emergency for not only some prefectures such as Tokio, but the whole country. The ABE administration is being harshly criticized because of its typical Japanese “Too-Late and Too-Little” measure that it will provide in principle all the Japanese nationals with 100,000 JPY (hopefully very soon). Even though there is (and from my viewpoint: “won’t be”) no “overshooting” in terms of the patients infected with COVID-19 here in Japan, Japanese mass media tend to lead the people to join the discussion on how to enjoy their life “With-Corona (not Post-Corona)”, which I personally ridiculous. Only the stock market in Tokio, which is affected rather by trends of the global market, sharply begins to soar these days in spite of the accelerated man-made stagnation of the economy and society here in Japan.

Getting back to the issue on the “Post-Corona” phase, my institute, IISIA, analyzes at this juncture that Japan will be picked up and highlighted both financially and socially by a process of elimination from now on in the global community. Obviously, nobody and no singly major world-class think tanks (or even “Ian Bremmer” of Eurasia Group) insist such a thesis to the public, nevertheless, leading experienced investors related to the Japanese financial market both secretly and unanimously reach the same conclusion and begin to take appropriate measure to make the highest profits from such an unprecedented trend of the world history. To be honest, they imagine Nikkei 225 index would surpass even 50,000 JPY (without such currency manipulation as GOJ did from 2012) if they’d be lucky enough. Well, this is still a rumor in the market, which can, however, turn out to be proven in the very near future, I firmly believe.

Why will Japan be highlighted in the Post-Corona phase? According to the analysis of IISIA, there are three points we have to pay attention to:

*Abrupt crash of crude oil price, which Japan, a country heavily relying on imported energy resources, takes advantage of, as she successfully did from 1987 to 1990 (“Heisei bubble economy”).

*Quantitative easing of immense scale in- and outside Japan, which Japan takes advantage of, according to the successful model in the late 1980s.

*Process of Elimination works, as Japan can be regarded as “safe haven” with both relatively stabilized public healthcare (extremely low death rate due to COVID-19) and highly developed economies under the “rule of law” compared with US, Europe and China. Other than global mass media, the leadership of WHO is now arguing discretely in the house that the second wave of pandemic with global scale will attack the human beings from 2022 to 2025, conditioned that fundamental change of global public healthcare wouldn’t take place immediately. From now on, it’s not money but our own life that really matters. And thanks to process of elimination tested by the affluent people particularly in PRC, they will rush into Japan’s territory as soon as the border will be opened.

This means, of course, the end of the previous trend of “globalism”. The Post-Corona phase is simultaneously the era of Post-Globalism. In this new era, the countries which have adapted themselves to globalism successfully and profitably as well, will be abandoned and disregarded, while another country is suddenly prioritized, which is rather incapable of swift adaptation to financial capitalism and has incurred ridicule from the rest of the world. That’s exactly Japan that unintentionally succeeded to protect against immense risks caused by globalism such as COVID-19 pandemic.


Having said that, you, dear readers, never agree with me on this matter, I’m afraid. It’s OK, since our institute dedicating itself entirely to making future scenario of Japan and the global community, is quite familiar with such an initial refusal to the future reality it sometimes picks up. Only facts to be realized after our forecasting can persuade you. Let’s see… but don’t forget to buy some shares of Japanese airlines, wings of “Pax Japonica”. Stay tuned.