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Ode to Mr. K.

Yesterday, I was informed by one of classified information sources that Mr. K, former high-ranking official of the Japanese Ministry of Finance, who passed away in the Summer of 2015, had been entitled to play the role of “signer” for the Imperial secret treasure. As soon as I heard that, it spontaneously occurred to me that Mr. K had showed me a book on modern history of the Japanese Imperial family during our conversation in December 2014 in his office. Just after having defeated in three-days discussion with PM Shinzo ABE in terms of raising the rate of consumption tax from 8 to 10%, he told me, “Mr. Harada, I’m awfully tired of these political nonsenses. Instead, I’m interested rather in the Japanese history”. At that time, I couldn’t understand at all what he meant by saying that. Now that I’m fully aware of what he actually did for the sake of our nation “Japan”, I’m extremely proud of being given several opportunities to meet him in MOF through synchronicity. I pray again for his happiness in his next life.