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New Manifest for My Company’s Future.

Getting up so early in the morning on weekend and sitting in front of my PC in dining room, I always think about one thing: Am I doing correctly? Am I really approaching what I’m aiming at as CEO? Aren’t there anything I didn’t mistakenly pick up? It’s terribly hard for me to find a room during daylight to think about these things without being interrupted. Only a little bit time in the morning at the dawn of days gives me opportunities to do so.

To be honest, I’m continuously concerned with one thing: Quo vadis in terms of where my company should go. Of course, we successfully distribute our reports on global macro and geopolitical risks even through the prominent news agency, Thomson Reuters, even to foreign customers. We’re very proud of that, because our institute, IISIA, is the only company which is, as a totally independent think tank in Japan, allowed to do so. Beyond that, both our salesforce and marketing team are capable enough to make our institute so influential in the Japanese HRM market within a few years. In this regard, we’ve welcomed a series of Japanese corporate clients and help them to grow with their talented workforce. We’re also extremely proud of what we’ve successfully done so far.

Nevertheless, from my viewpoint, something significant is failed. This doesn’t mean that our institute as a private company registered in Japan falls short of money. What I want to say is something different. I’m now trying to figure out what it is. Of course, we’ll further work on our financial success and reputation. It’s something to be added to them that actually matters.

Maybe, Peter Drucker, a legendary scholar on corporate management, suffered from the quite same frustration as I’m now facing. The reality in both Austria and Germany in 1930s didn’t reflect his firm belief in Christianity: “The God’s will reveals in the world history”. Instead of that, the Nazism led the people to barbarism per se. He was forced to escape from Europe and flee to the States where he could finally find out what he really wanted: “The God’s will reveals in companies due to excellent leadership and management”. He enthusiastically tried to understand general principles, which automatically let companies be successful in this regard.

Having said that, I’m feeling our institute should to slightly change its direction to reach its own goal. Thanks to our own scenario making on global macro, which is, as I described beforehand, well known in the market, our institute is fully aware of how the global community and Japan will look like in the very near future. However, what we imagine isn’t automatically the reality. However splendid our imagination is, it just stays as imagination. What we need is our actions to make it happen in the reality.

Herewith, I declare to get started to be actively involved in Japanese venture capitals’ world. To realize “Pax Japonica”, it’s not governmental acts but private companies’ power that’s urgently needed. Only entrepreneurs are capable of giving the people jobs, so that they can survive and enjoy their lives. For this purpose, we Japanese need both excellent and public spirited entrepreneurs with splendid leadership and management skills, whom our institute have to support both financially and strategically. To reach this goal, our institute is obliged to become “venture capitalist” by itself from now on.

A new manifest for the new future. The institute’s process to be reborn has just got started. Stay tuned.