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Lasting Volatilities and Consequences

Based on what I’m currently experiencing both inside and outside my own institute, I firmly believe there are two different human beings in the world. The one is those who are quite aware of their own common mission from the very beginning, and continue to build up the better world. Thanks to synchronicity, they are automatically connected to each other and collaborate together without causing any mutual frictions.

Another is completely different. They don’t understand the mission and stick to the small world surrounding them. Of course, they never become aware of what the global community is heading to, and have no interest in evading its tragedy. They really love to blame for each other and don’t help but block any attempt for innovative leadership.

It’s true that this kind of dichotomy among the human beings is genuinely rooted in the famous “Le Chatelier’s principle”. The world and nature keep equivalence because of antagonism between two different powers. For example, the God exists based on the fact evils live in the same world.

Even though this is exactly the case for the current world affairs, I have the strong feeling that all the negatives have been increasing dramatically these days. Everyone is trapped in on-going total deflation and triumph of Kronos. Volatilities last while nothing significant happens. Nothing, which is significant enough to be capable of changing the world. Instead, the world keeps to be shaken without moving on to the next phase.

In these circumstances, those who don’t share the mission shown above for the better world, just accumulate all the negatives in their mind and continue to battle for meaninglessness. Instead of awaking for the true mission, they remain to live in the world of total banality.

To get a decisive breakthrough in this regard, all we need is risks connected closely to each other will both simultaneously and suddenly turn out to be realities. Historical collapse of stock market plus soaring commodity market. Declaration of the Israeli-Iranian war in addition to a missile crisis of DPRK. Dramatic climate change after a series of great earthquakes and other irregularity of nature. Only when all these phenomena will cover the world, a violent reversal of the human kind’s mindset will be brought about, and all those who are connected based upon synchronicity and goodness will conquer the majority without mission for the better world.

As far as my adaptive unconscious anticipates, the transition process will be finally started from August 13, 2015 and ended by 2018. Until then, volatilities last and their psychological negative effects increase. The human beings will be obviously divided into the above mentioned two groups and begin to fight against each other everywhere on the globe, even in your office, for example.

SAPERE AUDE. Dedicate yourself to the mission for the better world. Forget your own small world and keep openness to link-minded innovators. From now on, I myself cut off tie on the old world of all the negatives. Words create the world, and only those who make efforts to keep positive mindset will declare their triumph for the future.