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Japanese Democracy on the Brink of Erosion


The day before yesterday, I capriciously turned on TV. Japanese PM Shinzo ABE was reported to have held a debate with other members of the Diet. I found awfully disgusting how he behaved. It seemed that he couldn’t help hiding arrogance all the previous leaders in power showed at the very last stage of their political careers. Spontaneously, it occurred to me that his political leadership will soon come to an end, while nobody says so in the Japanese mass media.

Based on what’s circulated in the INTEL network in Japan, I take this opportunity to make clear the following: Just before the G7 summit in ISE/SHIMA, he’ll abruptly get involved in a disastrous scandal of foreign policy. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to survive this time, since the issue is too deeply rooted in his political power to sweep away. Well, let’s see. Imagine how it’ll look like when his old fashioned control of mass media will suddenly vanish.

In addition, my colleague closely related to the political scene in OSAKA asks me to pay attention to what’s been actually happened in local elections there. When I listen to this story for the first time, I hardly believe what the colleague means. However, I can finally realize what really happens in the local politics in OSAKA: Organizational manipulation of vote counting has become daily occurrence there, which leads to overwhelming victory of a certain local political group in the KANSAI region. This way of manipulation is about to be expanded even in other regions including Tokyo.

Japanese Democracy stands on the brink of total erosion because of such a political crime, which never stops. Let’s see what’ll occur in the next stage. Stay tuned.