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From the G-Zero (G0) to Pax Japonica (GJ).

Recently, Ian Bremmer, the guru of Eurasia Group, published an article based on his famous thesis called “G-Zero” in Nikkei Asian Review. He repeatedly pointed out how vulnerable and uncertain the future can be in the global community as follows:

In short, the number of global flashpoints and “problems without borders” continues to grow, and there are no credible cooperative plans to manage them, much less to solve the problems that have created them. For now, the G-zero order looks here to stay.

Well, from my viewpoint, such a statement of Ian Bremmer sounds a little bit like “wishful thinking”, since his company “Eurasia Group”, which was successfully endorsed by the Japanese METI, will be able to do good business, as long as the world will stay volatile. For the company, it’s essential to make the ordinary people believe that the future would be uncertain and never promising.

With this thesis “G-Zero”, Ian Bremmer is frequently invited to international conferences and for a, where he always speaks out as an evangelist of the “leaderless” world. The audience seems not to oppose to his proclamation, while he and his company enthusiastically distributed a thesis paper like this to the global readership.

As I will show in my new book entitled “Pax Japonica” to be soon released on June 29, 2017 from LIDpublishing, London/UK, this “G-Zero” thesis unfortunately does not reflect the reality of the global governance, which has been traditionally executed by the genuine world leadership for a couple of centuries. And it’s rather Japan, my mother country, that will play the most significant role to save the world, which Ian Bremmer intentionally disregards. Without referring to this emerging fact, any geopolitical thesis fails to lead us to move forward to the right direction. I’m terribly fearing that Ian Bremmer makes the big and irreversible mistake.

To correctly understand the above-mentioned new thesis, “GJ (Governance by Japan=Pax Japonica)” instead of “G0 (G-Zero)”, you are urged to remind yourself of “design thinking”. Yes, the international community has been getting troubled in an accelerated manner. To overcome the historical difficulty, all of us urgently need to “think outside the box”, and seek any appropriate measure to be taken over the conventional framework of nation states. The system of off-balance-sheet assets, which exists beyond each one of governmental budgets, is the program which is now being executed by the traditional world leadership including the Japanese Imperial family. The massive amount of the off-balance-sheet assets are being poured into the world society to enhance innovative humanity. It’s not well-known “leaders” in mass media such as Donald Trump and others who are to take initiative in this regard. They are still hidden but will emerge within a couple of months.

Because the role of this system’s signer is given to the Japanese Imperial family at this historical moment in the human history, Japan will have to lead the whole world. She will show how to survive in the age of total deflation due to both accelerating irregularity of solar activities and irreversible climate changes, by putting forward a series of brilliant technological innovations such as cold fusion and transmutation. The rest of the world will follow it, since it knows only “war economy” for recovery of the world economy from lasting recession as we’re facing right now. Instead of such a conventional mean, Japan will present a completely different way for the future, which will be backed by the historically kept off-balance-sheet assets and automatically penetrate into the rest of the world.

Ian Bremmer mentions in his thesis “weaponization of finance”. Japan is now entitled to “weaponize” the off-balance-sheet assets with a good faith to save the whole world. While all the other nations will get troubled with more and more economic, financial and political hardship, only Japan will soon be able to get rid of it thanks to unforeseen technological innovations with global impacts.

Ian Bremmer’s blind spot is, besides his lacking reference to the off-balance-sheet assets in the traditional world leadership over the “democratically” elected leaders, the fact that decisive technological innovations, which never expressively speak out by themselves, are always capable of changing the world order. Because Japan is about to take such a both technological and innovative initiative fully backed by the off-balance-sheet assets, she will automatically get started with totally changing the world. Society, Economy and even politics are determined to follow technological innovations. This is exactly what I mean to say by mentioning “GJ (Governance by Japan)” or PAX JAPONICA.

As I met Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan privately on January 2, 2015, he expressively regards me as a Japanese version of Ian Bremmer. Well, dear Prime Minister, you’re completely wrong. I’m not a puppet of exitless propaganda such as the “G-Zero”, but a warrior for the forthcoming reality such as “GJ”, who himself actively leads the process toward PAX JAPONICA, the inevitable future of the whole world.

In short, let’s say good-bye to Ian with his fantasy around the “G0” and welcome instead the new reality towards “GJ”.