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From Observer to Player.

Since I voluntarily jumped out from my previous position in the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs 12 years ago, I’ve been frequently asked why I did do so despite of my promised career in diplomacy. My answer to be given is always quite simple: I decided on, because I felt something irresistible was pushing me from the behind.
To be honest, I couldn’t figure out at that time what this “something” actually was. I simply felt it and made an irreversible decision to put myself into the synchronicity I could not see but just feel. Having done so, a series of events happened in my life, which has been leading me to the future step by step.
Eventually, I realize at this stage what I shall do. While serving as a career diplomat of GOJ, I participated in the global affairs just as an observer. Since the previous status of my country, Japan, has been limited in terms of sovereignty, we, the Japanese diplomats, haven’t been allowed to proactively contribute to the global community. What was left for us, was only to satisfy ourselves by being “observer”, which was permitted not to make its plan for the future happen, but just to observe what’s happening.
Because Japan will have to get back to her own original “unlimited” sovereignty by 2045, the global leadership obviously works on picking up those who are capable of understanding both the situation and destiny of Japan, and can lead the nation based on correct recognition of Japan’s future. From my viewpoint, this process of leadership selection in Japanese younger generations was started in 1990s and is just ended up in the last year. The designated younger leaders are now given authorized “tickets” towards the future, while they still have to do their “homework” within 10 years to reach the goal.
In short, these designated leaders are about to overcome the previous status of Japan as “observer” and change it to another one as “player”. That’s exactly why such a huge amount of off-balance-sheet assets is being realized in Japan to renew the whole nation. The genuine global leaders with long tradition both in Asia and Europe/America are now checking with great interest how the Japanese designated leaders will revolutionarily accomplish the world shift by beginning with total reform of Japan’s nation based on technological breakthrough.
Now, you may understand what I shall do from now on. I’ll have to adapt my own life to the new tasks given by the synchronicity. Whether I’ll reach the goal, “PAX JAPONICA”, or not, can be shown within the forthcoming 10 years by 2027. Stay tuned.