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For not only “300 Members” but All the Humankind.

Yesterday, my staffs and I moved to Marunouchi in Tokyo, which is usually regarded as the center of Japanese economy. While opening our new office, I remembered a series of things I have experienced as the think tank’s CEO so far. Lots of things have been planned and done. Sometimes successfully, but sometimes not. Nevertheless, there has been only one thing, at which my professional team has been aiming: “Pax Japonica”.
Since I touched upon the issue of “counterfeited” JPY and USD in previous online articles, I learned some significant points in this regard from both of my mentor in charge and foreign friends. Beyond all the conspiracy theories, which “outsiders” still try to spread in the public, there IS a secret reserve fund in the global community. Yes, it’s real and dedicated only to certain purposes. IBOE I referred to in a previous post, is just one tool for that. We can’t simply exchange it to cash for our own private purpose. An authentic title and persuasive goal are needed.
What I should underline herewith is the fact that all the relevant people (“insiders”) firmly believe “Pax Japonica” will come true, as I’ve been trying to explain to the Japanese public. However, the Japanese Imperial House is just “passive” in this regard, they say. According to their opinions, “Pax Japonica” is being given, because a supervisory board in the global community already decided so. Even the Japanese Imperial House is said to just follow its instruction to save its own existence in the world history. The boards name is, they say, “the Committee of 300”.
While explaining how the relevant system, which is totally hidden from the public, to me, my mentors always give advice not to touch the issue. “Not only your job but also your own life would cost, whenever you’d further be involved”, they kindly warn. Once upon a time, 300 gentlemen in England decided to build up a committee in order to save only their descendants. Because they were fully aware of the fatal future of the world community in advance, they tried to prepare for the “X-Day”. On the one hand, they have been pretending as if they could do nothing against uncertainties ahead. But on the other hand, they’ve been continuously accumulating huge amount of assets. The historical hidden assets of the Japanese Imperial House are only a part of it, while the Imperial House has been playing a significant role of reliable “lender” to world-class families and nations, which suffer from financial shortage. Well, this is exactly why our Japanese Emperor is admired by foreign leaders.
Getting back to what I mentioned beforehand, I do not understand why all the “insiders” are just terrified and do not want to get along with the secret reserve fund and its signers. From my viewpoint, it’s true what we think always come true, conditioned that we stick to what we think. If not, nothing won’t happen. Applying this rule to the above shown case, all the decisions the committee of 300 will be terrifying to us, because we firmly think it to be so. If not, nothing terrible won’t take place.
Instead of being afraid and worrying, I’m just feeling the committee members, whichever they belong to (either “London” or “Philadelphia”), are deeply concerned what the nature is bring about negatively to all the humankind. To overcome such an unprecedented difficulty, they urgently those who are both strategist of “thinking outside the box” and realistic activist. In this regard, I’m making a proposal to make use of “B20” as a practical platform to move forward in this regard. With basic understanding of an IBOE holder, I’ve been contacting the German B20 presidency for the next year to realize a global rescue fund for humanity within the framework of B20. Let’s see whether the Germans will accept the concept and hold the first short meeting with me in Hangzhou, where the forthcoming B20 summit will be held.
Well, guys, don’t be afraid. The future is coming, whenever you wish. That’s exactly I’ve learned from my master of old SHINTO(古神道), the Japanese traditional way of being from the ancient time. Stay tuned.