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  3. “X-Day” is September 21, 2016.

“X-Day” is September 21, 2016.

Meanwhile, you might have recognized I don’t publish any more articles in Japanese on my weblog. Yes, I do so intentionally, because I recently got to know too much truths to disclose them publicly. From now on, I carefully select people whom I’ll talk to and tell what should be done, particularly in Japanese. Based on the fact I’m not public servant but mere citizen without any official titles, I’m not obliged to disclose everything to all of you. Those who encounter me thanks to both synchronicity and serendipity will be informed of what I’ve got to know. I never care guys who are just keen to know everything without making any efforts to make the global community better. This is quite often the case for the Japanese audience in the internet, with which I’m really fed up.

During my summer vacation in this year, I did never stop working in my brain and kept on communicating with my friends and colleagues who are really engaged in the world history behind the door. I did work really hard on the (publicly unknown) global rescue fund for humanity and relevant projects, to which I intensively pay attention. Now, I feel I’m not mere observer anymore, but insider who’s entitled to make the things move forward. Because I’m fully involved in the irreversible process to cause “total enlightenment” of the humankind, I may never disclose everything I’m knowing. This is exactly why I just suspend to write down articles in Japanese on regular basis.

In the course of my discussion with my closer friends and colleagues, I gradually become aware we’re now heading to a global disaster, which will take place even on September 21 (plus/minus a few days) in this year. Almost all of them agree on that event ahead and kindly give me early warning signals. This time, such an event will happen in Europe. Among relevant events, I pick up one for you herewith: JPY will abruptly soar vis-à-vis Euro, which will lead change the global trends as a whole. Well, this is only the very beginning of big events we’re about to face. All of my above mentioned friends and colleagues unanimously say Japan will then emerge the last resort of the humankind and suddenly start to play a significant role to rescue the global community. I myself will further work hard to move forward to this direction, that is to say, “Pax Japonica”.

In short, stay alarmed for a sea change from Europe we’ll face from September 21, 2016. God bless u.