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Why Could I Forecast Outbreak of Pandemic in Advance?

PRC government just announced to ban tours of Chinese tourists to abroad from 27 January, 2020. To save the nation’s reputation, it must be inevitable to take such a draconic measure as any other western liberal-democratic countries may never execute. However, from our institute’s viewpoint, accelerated expansion of the pandemic can’t be never stopped and will soon lead us to realize we’ll have even reached another dimension all the humankind didn’t experience yet since the previous historic pandemic such as Spanish Flu in 1918.

Since 2012, our institute repeatedly warned its clients of possible outbreak of overwhelming pandemic, while all of us urgently need to dramatically enhance immune strength. And last year, our institute published future scenarios saying “moment of the truth” in this regard will reach us within the time framework between 2020 and 2022. And now that we’re experiencing never-stopping expansion of Wuhan Virus from PRC, we all understand our institute’s analysis is correct, of which other parts should be shown in accordance with public needs in the global community. In short, it’s not “Wuhan Virus” per se, but this complex of risks and disasters that really matter.

One Japanese reader claimed in his twitter this outbreak of Virus from Wuhan must be “man-made”, because our Japanese institute had known it in advance and even mentioned in future scenarios. Even though I can’t simply follow his logic, I can’t help from pointing out we just have to change our ordinary attitude to always blame something negative for other’s behavior. Regardless of some articles with a taste of “conspiracy theory” in terms of Wuhan Virus, our institute doesn’t think it’s PRC governmental bodies that shall be accused of their abuse of their outstanding biomedical capacity. Rather our own human immune strength must be paid attention to, because various significant factors such as radiation effects of some major nuclear disasters, too-much prioritized digitization like “5G fever” and negative effects of climate change continuously damage our human immune system irreversibly. That automatically leads us to lose self-healing power against unknown diseases in everyday life.
Anyway, based on analysis results by unique mixture of methodologies including even “adaptive unconscious”, our institute underlines the following two basic trends of the human society till 2025, which will be inevitably combined with each other:
– Loss of two “securities” in nations state. Default domino of sovereign debt to be kicked off by Government of Japan will soon make nation states impossible to guarantee “social security”. Simultaneously, they can’t tap sufficient budget necessary to defend their borders. National security will be endangered.

– Unprecedented natural disasters and pandemic. Some major natural disasters such as unprecedented earthquakes and typhoons rooted in negative effects of over-developed human technologies, which scientists can’t and don’t want to prove to the public so far, will take place one after another in the same time period. Due to almost same reasons, outbreak of some more pandemics with even more lethality will attack all the human beings on the globe.

The point is conventional sciences can’t be well-prepared for these drastic developments and never predicts them correctly. However, our institute already knows that will take place without exception in the global community, which will totally change our mindset, behavior and the entire social structure as well at least from 2022. And because we’ll be urged to combat all the risks and disasters with collapse of governmental bodies due to default domino, we’ll immediately work on reform of United Nations to make it “version 2.0.” with its own financial capacity based on international solidarity levy. That’ll be, of course, total change of the global governance structure as a whole.
Now, you may wonder how our institute, IISIA, could reach this conclusion methodologically. While capability of major scientists is obviously limited, how can the institute prove such a forecast’s authenticity scientifically? Well, just forget the word “science”. There IS another way to obtain “wisdom” which means “human sense to vividly anticipate even the very near future with awareness of both past and now”. What is it? At this stage, I wanna tell you it’s closely related with our inevitable future “Pax Japonica”. Step by step, with your permission, I’ll tell you here the detail later on. Stay tuned.