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Unless Xi Jinping Will Make a Decision.

As I correctly predicted in the previous post, the global stock market has just begun to rocket again. The Dow Jones Index in NY went up even over 20,000 points this week, while the Japan’s Nikkei 225 obviously rebounded. Nobody can doubt anymore the fact that a new sea change has been emerging in the global macro, which tends to remain until the spring ahead.

Nevertheless, I want to take this online opportunity to warn you of one thing. It’s not Trump but rather Xi Jinping in PRC that matters.

Why? According to classified information delivered to me from a certain intelligence source, the Chinese leadership under Xi Jinping would take advantage of the current transition of presidential leadership in the States so that the it can testify how vulnerable the Trump administration is vis-à-vis military crisis particularly in East Asia. Based on what I’ve been informed there could be the four options as follows in this context:


– The Chinese “SEALDS” will abruptly occupy the Senkaku Islands in military uniform.

-The Chinese “SEALDS” will abruptly do the same thing but in pseudo-civil clothes.

-The Chinese warships will demonstrate its military capability in the Taiwan Strait.

-The Chinese warships will get started with artillery bombardment vis-à-vis warships of western countries such as US.

Now, you may wonder whether the Chinese President would go mad without any reasons? Of course, no. There is a very reason for his brinkmanship in both diplomatic and domestic contexts. While heading to the forthcoming congress of the Chinese Communist Party in autumn, Xi Jinping seems to feel increasing political pressures from his antagonists. Because he hasn’t had any experiences in real military battlefields, the majority of military leaders of the People’s Liberation Army never stop the criticism that their political leader isn’t capable of crisis management whenever something significant will happen. Thus, Xi Jinping has to show his “brilliant” capability to lead the nation successfully even in a military crisis without serious military damages. For that, he urgently needs a well-planned mini-crisis in East Asia, which he can take advantage of as a “talented negotiator” vis-à-vis the States.

Once Xi Jinping would really make such a decision for his own sake, the global financial market would get involved in serious volatilities again. One of my deep throats who are deeply connected with both Chinese and US INTEL kindly suggests that the risk would last at least until February 19. Well, let’s see what will take place within and beyond the Chinese Lunar New Year. Stay tuned.