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Time for Reflection.

December is particularly for the Japanese the time for “consuming”. However, it’s rather the time for “reflection”, as far as I’ve got learned during being dispatched as young diplomat to Germany.

The year 2016 has been a year which contributes to make me become aware of the reason why I was born and live life as I’ve been doing. It’s been enriching my life by leading me to encounter with those who are indispensable for me to accomplish what I envisage. A part of them isn’t unfortunately aware of close collaboration with me in the very near future yet, but it’s, at least from my viewpoint, just an issue of timing. Inevitably, they and I will sooner or later begin to work on a common thing together, which will open up the new world for all of us.

Towards the forthcoming year 2017, I already know a lot of tasks will have to be done to reach the final goal of my life, “Pax Japonica”. First of all, I’ll be prepared for establishing a both specific scheme which will enable “Pax Japonica” both physically and financially. And secondly, it’s the better understanding of the ordinary Japanese that really matters. Without enhancing their awareness on “Pax Japonica”, Japan will never change herself accordingly. Thanks to several close friends and colleagues, I’ve succeeded to begin with the both tasks. In terms of the first one, I’ve been just given a great opportunity to connect myself with the fundamental structure of the human civilization by asking it to support my project “Pax Japonica” financially. For the second task, I was offered to publish my first book in English, entitled “Pax Japonica” in June 2017 from London, UK.

Even though almost everything around my mother country, Japan, is getting troubled both politically and economically in an accelerated manner, I’m rather hopeful for the very near future, where “Pax Japonica” will eventually established. In this regard, the year 2016 is being critical to kick off, and all the good will get together from all over the world to reach the goal “Pax Japonica” from 2017.

Well, that’s my life and the reason why I was born on the earth in such an exciting period. I’m really grateful to all for having made me as I am. May God bless you all.