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The Parallel World of Japan

In order to identify someone else who you are, you always have something to be shown. Whether it is an ID card or an officially registered fingerprint, that doesn’t matter. The important thing is rather that just “claiming verbally who you are “ isn’t enough to identify who you are. You can’t disagree on such a simple rule.

However, when it comes to identification of throne holder, it becomes suddenly complicated. Normally, we believe it’s obvious who King or Queen is. Nevertheless, their faces as such shown and known publicly aren’t enough to make sure they are entitled to hold the throne. To show the entitlement, King and Queen have to hold some symbols and tools which they succeeded from predecessors. A royal crown is just one example in this regard.

This is also the case for the Japanese Imperial House. To proclaim you’re the Emperor of Japan, you automatically have to prove you own three Sacred Treasures: Mirror, Sword and Jewels. Yes, this is the common sense in the Japanese society. Nobody doubts this story’s authenticity.

BUT, are you really sure that ONLY these three treasures are what you need to be identified as the Japanese Emperor? Is there anything else to be added to the list? Of course, nobody is de facto allowed to discuss such a “stupid” matter in mass media. However, “We doubt, therefore we are”, wise men say. Shall we start to rethink what the truth shows us?

A mentor of mine, who’s deepen his experience and thoughts to this direction, told me the ultimate truth recently: There IS the fourth treasure which is indispensable to identify you to be the genuine Japanese Emperor. It’s a tea scoop made by fragrant wood originally possessed in SHOSOUIN(正倉院)in Nara. Without showing you have this fourth treasure added to other three, you can’t prove to be the authenticity of the successor of the Japanese Imperial House.

Now, you may wonder who actually possesses this fourth one. Don’t hesitate call the Imperial Household Agency to ask the question, if your own identification needs to be deleted in official documents of Japanese authority. Anyway, the truth is truth, which nobody can’t deny. Please be always reminded of this simple fact, which is never explained to you in the Japanese public. When you’ll succeed to find out the possessor of the fourth one, you’ll immediately get into the publicly unknown “parallel world” of Japan.