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The Issue of TOYOSU and Japan’s Staatsräson.

When I was a child, my mother always told me one thing: “Be aware there are two different things in the world. The one is what you can mention via-a-vis others, and another is what you can never pick up during conversations with them. Don’t forget it.” Now that I’ve grown up enough to reflect what this mother’s phrases actually mean, this is exactly something fundamental which our human society is rooted in.
However, we Japanese seem to have fully forgotten such a simple rule, which even a small child knows. Everyday and at almost every single moment, Japanese mass media keep on reporting the so-called “issue of TOYOSU”. In the course of the previous Tokyo gubernatorial election, the issue was leaked. In the Tokyo bay, the metropolitan government has been attempting to remove its most significant fish market from the traditional place called “TSUKIJI” to TOYOSU, where both water and soil pollution was of importance since high economic growth period. However, it’s not these pollutions that actually matter. When you look into the architecture of TOYOSU fish market to be opened, you can find there’s a bizarre vacant structure with vast space beneath.
The point is nobody, yes, NOBODY, who should have known the true reason why the vacant structure was constructed, decides to apologize to the public by explaining what actually happened beforehand. Even Mr. Shintaro ISHIHARA, a legendary “conservative” politician in Japan with famous authorship of lowbrow novels, and once the former governor of Tokyo, immediately released a vindication. Nevertheless, he and his former staffs do not refer to reasons by which we can be persuaded both logically and politically.
When I touched upon this issue during a conversation with my mentor, who’s a connoisseur of risk management in the national security context, he abruptly burst out laughing and said, “Well, Mr. HARADA, there are two different things in the world. The one is what you can mention via-a-vis others, and another is what you can never pick up during conversations with them. It’s also the case for the national security of Japan.”
According to his words, all the things Japanese mass media report in this context are garbage, because they do not refer to what this underground structure actually is. It’s a part of essential facilities for national defense of Japan. Particularly in case of enemy’s attack to the city of Tokyo, this facility will play a significant role to defend the whole bay area. Via subways’ tunnel, which are specially designed to make military motor vehicles such as tanks go through from the JSDF’s military post in NERIMA, sufficient military personnel is to be deployed, once the Japanese capital will be attacked.
The fact that this vital but mysterious facility was constructed obviously without any “democratic” procedures, clearly shows us one thing: The Japan’s Staatsräson still exists, even though it pretends to have vanished due to the total defeat in the WWII. Even the US never succeeded to root it out, because those who hold is are invisible.
Well, guys, who do you think knows the truth? Shintaro ISHIHARA, who frequently tried hard to approach to Eisaku SATO, the then Japanese Prime Minister, and now endeavors to hide the truth of national security from the public attention? Or Yuriko KOIKE, who obviously doesn’t know it in spite of her career as a former defense minister of Japan? I personally don’t care, because, for me, it’s only the Japan’s Staatsräson that matters. Stay tuned.