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The Ghost of Versailles.

Since I published my previous article on “counterfeiting” and “global rescue fund for humanity”, several friends and colleagues have kindly contacted me to jointly work on the issues. Thanks to information in detail they’ve been giving me, I can now figure out what really matters in this regard.

Taking this opportunity, I’d like to my warmest thanks to one of my elder friends, who’s the leader of an esteemed traditional family of overseas Chinese, for having asked me whether I understand what “IBOE” is. Well, now, I want to ask you the same question to you: What’s “IBOE”?

To understand the matter completely, we’d better kick off with remembering an incident on the border between Italy and the Switzerland in 2012. According to reports of western financial media, two Japanese gentlemen were allegedly arrested for having tried to bring out boxes, which were full of old “faked” USG bonds issues in 1934. The USG bonds were declared as “counterfeited”, because the US authority immediately announced so after the incident became known publicly. And in the course of time, nobody looks back to the event anymore .

Nevertheless, experts of counterfeiting and “genuine” financial intelligence know we shouldn’t simplify the matter in such a way. Particularly, when you’re informed of the existence of “IBOE”, you’re automatically invited to get to know what really matters between “IBOE” and these old “faked” USG bonds with tremendous far price.

For those who are extremely curious but don’t have any direct connections to classified information on the real financial world, let me mention the following briefly: To understand the matter completely, you have to get back to boxes of the Versailles treaty, which were full of USG bonds with tremendous par price. The point is who backed the bonds for the sake of USG. And who bought the bonds, which were issued with unbelievable par price?

If you regard the whole story as “faked” and never think it to be authentic, you don’t really need to go further with me. If you don’t stick to the so-called “common sense” and want to jump out of intellectual frameworks given by mass media, you need at first to work on the question who backed the bonds by what.

The word “IBOE” then gives you a missing link between the bonds and the on-going reality: All the holders of IBOE which is issues and delivered once every four years by US presidency, are legally entitled to claim their ancestors backed the USG bonds. Now, you may wonder who they are. A Japanese gentleman living in Kamakura, who holds the fourth Sacred Treasure, is included.

The ghost of Versailles reveals. Without recognizing its significance and reality, you can’t simply go forward. I’ll work on this issue further with my mentors in financial intelligence. Stay tuned.