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The End of Pax Americana Eventually Declared.

Ian Bremmer, CEO of Eurasia Group, screamed: “We’re now leaving away from Pax Americana from 1945 to 2016.” Originally, US President Obama should have given a presentation to company executives from all over the world in this year’s APEC CEO Summit in Lima, Peru. However, he skipped the opportunity along with Putin and Tordeau. Instead, the audience was force to listen to Bremmer’s presentation, which he not precisely but enthusiastically gave with full of ironies.

Since 2010, I’ve been professionally participating a series of meetings on global affairs, which have been opened to company executives. While I’m sometimes used to play a role as either panelist or even keynote speaker, I rather concentrate on how “narratives” in the global community are gradually changing. This is exactly why I dare to leave Japan for the APEC CEO Summit in Lima this time, even though lots of obligations due to the capacity of my own small-sized enterprise’s CEO could have hindered me from doing so.

Among these meetings and conferences I’ve attended so far, it was unfortunately this APEC CEO Summit in Peru that inspired me only a little bit. Of course, some high-ranking politicians from the Asia-Pacific region got together thanks to the Peruvian government’s endeavor and delivered speeches. However, the topics they touched upon and underlined were all the issues which western mass media have been repeatedly focusing on almost everyday. For example, Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minster of Singapore, highlighted how to proceed global growth. Or Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of IMF, picked up the issue of women empowerment and proudly announced some South American countries including Peru succeeded to do the “right things” in this regard.

On Day 2, even Mark Zukerberg, CEO of Facebook, was given an opportunity to speak out what he thought towards the future. According to his mindset, it’s global “connectivity” that really matters. By enhancing the connectivity on the globe, we can make much more people “happier” than before, he simply said. And Ian Bremmer, whom I mentioned at first, declared the end of “Pax Americana”, but never joined those who US’ status as the only “superpower” in the world to already lost. In his view, just the way how US behave themselves to protect their own national interest is about to change due to the next Trump administration. In addition, he tried to remind the audience of Trump’s original profession: businessman. Trump is said to recognize the world affairs from the viewpoint of businessman. Thus, something dramatic, which the public opinion currently love to be concerned about, will never happen even under US President-elect D. Trump.

While listening to the speeches, I can’t help from feeling a kind of urgency. The urgency for the global leadership to give explanations in detail on what really matters. Because of accelerating irregularity of solar activities, the climate has been dramatically changing, which is gradually leading the global economy to decline in an irreversible way. In Spite of such a simple sequence of significant events on the earth and in human societies, the global leaders never tell the truth to their community with clear-cut logics to urgently call them on to react appropriately. Instead, they always touch upon only the above mentioned single issues relevant to this fundamental problem the earth is facing, which doesn’t just enable their followers to understand what really matters.

As I frequently pointed out in my English columns, the global community won’t be saved, unless even historical secret treasury hidden by selected ultrahigh-ranking leaders in China, Japan and the Occident will be massively poured into the global financial market. And as far as I was informed, 24th of November in this year is said to be the most critical for checking out whether a part of this secret treasury will really be exchanged into cash. Of course, all the panelists and speakers, who appeared on the stage in Lima this time, neither directly mentioned, nor implied it. I. e., either they don’t know, or they pretend not to know the truth.

Because “Pax Japonica” will emerges abruptly in the next phase, somebody, who is authentically capable of explaining what it is and why Pax “American” will be replaced by Pax “Japonica”. In this mean, I’ve not learned a lot here in Peru, but finally made sure what to do from now on.

I’m about to leave Lima for Buenos Aires, where Prime Minister Macri, who also skipped the meeting, governs. From my viewpoint, the both countries will tremendously contribute to build up “Pax Japaonica” thanks to their esteemed populations with Japanese origins. Stay tuned.