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  3. Summer Olympic Games in Tokio? Never Ever.

Summer Olympic Games in Tokio? Never Ever.

There is one thing I can’t understand yet: Due to ongoing dramatic change of solar activities, everything on the globe is being now forced to change itself. Nevertheless, it seems to me that the majority of Japanese public opinion doesn’t understand this simple fact. Well, please watch out “EVERYTHING” is being changed. There’s no exception for that.

This is also the case for Olympic games as one part of the modern world system. What we’ve called “Olympic games” or “Olympiad” will abruptly come to an end and a new system in terms of global competition of sports will get started. Again, from now on, you’d better get rid of “wishful thinking” also in this regard, and keep eyes on the reality.

As usual, the Japanese are too naïve to find out the right way to right things in this context: Instead of adapting themselves to the upcoming new world order, they simply believe the Summer Olympic Games will be held in 2020 in Tokio. From the very beginning of the story, I’ve been pointing out it won’t take place this time in Tokio. Even publicly, I’ve been repeating such an assessment for the Japanese future. While high ranking business leaders in the KANSAI region tend to agree with me based on some local esteemed prophets’ advices, almost nobody living in other regions such as Tokio area goes along with me. As I said beforehand, they just stick to “wishful thinking” by saying that the forthcoming Summer Olympic Games would Japanese national wealth, which won’t be unfortunately be the case.

This week, the sea change suddenly emerged: One after another, western and Japanese mass media sensationally reported suspicion of bribery connected to the Summer Olympiad in Tokio. Those who were members of the Japanese inviting committee allegedly gave a huge amount of money to some juries who were responsible for final decision. If the suspicion will be proven, we Japanese will have to take in to account the worst scenario: Japan will be deprived of her entitlement to hold the game in 2020, because it was given to her illegally. If so, the Olympiad won’t come to Tokio, and now, you may see what will happen to massive infrastructure and real property investment which are being done at this juncture. An economic disaster ahead. That’s it.

To understand the reason why, you have to get back to the origin of modern Olympic games. It’s not ordinary folks but born royal families and aristocracy that matter. Whenever the latter doesn’t want to have the game, it doesn’t take place, although “democracy” loves to have it. At the last stage, the latter’s will is always prioritized. Because the fundamental world order rules so.

To sum up, let me remind you of the following: Tokio won’t be allowed to hold the Summer Olympic Games in 2020. Throw away trivial illusion which was fabricated by ugly politicians and big corporates. A new world order is emerging. Just watch out.