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  3. Outbreak of “TOKYO Virus” and Le Chatelier’s Principle

Outbreak of “TOKYO Virus” and Le Chatelier’s Principle

Expansion of the coronavirus from Wuhan never stops. As we all expected, the number of patients is steadily increasingly, and nobody knows when it’ll be fully controlled. And yesterday, the entire global community was shocked by wires reporting two gentlemen from Japan and US were dead due to this coronavirus in Chinese local hospitals. This shows us that “this time is different”, because another case of SARS didn’t cause such a shock wave to other nations than the Chinese.
From my viewpoint, the western type of democracy and liberalism just harm the technical control of the disease control, as we see in the dramatic situation in Japan. Japan, my mother country, proudly proclaimed she will hold the forthcoming Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo (and other local cities) in 2020. Nevertheless, all the incidents related to this pandemic taking place in Japan clearly show the Government of Japan is totally unprepared for unprecedented events such as pandemic so far. It doesn’t have planned any appropriate risk management in this regard and know how to react, while Prime Minister Shinzo ABE even announced even all the Chinese tourists are in principle welcome to Japan. He only prioritizes economic profit and interest he’ll be able to get from the Olympic Games, on which he can theoretically expand his own political power in the local democracy. That’s just crazy and unbelievable as well.

The Japanese economy still suffering from the collapse of its bubble phase after 1990 has been making huge profit from massive tourism of Chinese (rich but ordinary) people even to local cities in the country. They used to pay very short visits to Japan by mega-cruise ships we often see in ports of West-Japan (particularly in Kyushu-region). But now, all the poor Chinese tourists on board of mega-cruise ships bound for Japan were stopped because of quarantine, and it dramatically turned out that tens of the passengers were infected with Wuhan Virus. Since GOJ has, as mentioned above, no single systematic plan for biohazard in such a scale, the passengers are being forced just to wait on board, which can be described as if it were a new type of “death camp”.
From around 2010, my institute, Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc. (IISIA), publicly announced a message in its forecast that the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo/2020. Even in such an unprecedented situation we’re facing, some people still tend to criticize that the IISIA is spreading a “conspiracy theory” without any proof. Well, at this stage, I’m honestly asking myself, “Guys, are you crazy as well?”. Unless WHO, an arm of United Nations, will make it public to withdraw its classification of the coronavirus as “emergency to the entire world”, the Olympic Games must be cancelled in accordance with relevant regulations of IOC. Having said that, I’m proud of the authenticity of my own institute’s future scenario in this regard. With original sense and firm wisdom towards our common future, the institute will continue to anticipate the very near future of the global community suffering from various unknown risks one after another.

Of course, the ABE administration in Japan will try very hard to make the Olympic Games happen by giving huge pressures to organizations and entities related to this matter. I’m already quite sure GOJ will be instructed by Shinzo ABE to do the politics, and lead WHO to rethink in terms of the declaration of emergency with Japanese style of soft power in the postwar era, called “money”. While Shinzo ABE will succeed to do so, the Wuhan Virus will be treated very soon as if nothing had happened. But this is the real beginning of the end story. Even before mass media reported the outbreak of pandemic in Wuhan, numerous tourists from the region visited Japan since the last autumn, when the virus is actually suspected to have caused the disease for the first time. And the coronavirus is famous for its gradual transformation all the top scientists can never fully catch up with. Despite a public announcement of the pandemic eradication by WHO, the transformation will never stop particularly in Japan, where the tourism for the Olympic Games will be flourishing again with a huge number of foreign tourists including the Chinese. At the last stage, a new type of virus in Tokyo would be discovered in May or June of this year, and the second wave of pandemic’s outbreak from the Japanese metropole will become disastrous for both the Olympic Games and the future prospect of Japan’s society and economy.
Now, you might be wondering whether we still need to discuss “Pax Japonica” in this regard. My answer is “YES”. According to Le Chaterlier’s Principle, Japan has to be suppressed before she will find a way for breakthrough of not only herself but also other parts of the globe, which will face the same issues, problems and risks one after another. Don’t forget the established principle of the human civilization and keep eyes on what’s being taking place in Japan, which will surely give you lots of hints and ideas to reach the next stage of our common global society. Stay tuned.