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On Predicting the Future.

Today, our institute celebrates to release its new scenario on global macro and geopolitical risks called “Caerus”. It’s written temporarily only in Japanese, however, if asked by foreign colleagues, I’ll perhaps release the English version by updating in the very near future.

To be honest, I didn’t professionally intend to predict the future, when I opened my institute 9 years ago in Tokio. Without becoming aware of my own mission and destiny, I just tried to write down directly what I felt and thought. In the course of time, I realized gradually what I’ve been doing: I’m capable of feeling risks are approaching and can’t help making others around me be prepared for them. The only way for me to do so is writing and delivering speeches. That’s exactly what I’ve done thanks to assistance of colleagues in my office.

Predicting the future is a tough job, I must say. People tend to say it’s just impossible as long as we are human beings with limited abilities to anticipate the future. Experts often refer to “cognitive bias” which theoretically hinders us from realizing things ahead. Nevertheless, I’ve been continuing to brush up my prediction and successfully reached the stage where you can basically rely on what I predict.

For this purpose, I additionally attempt to include some other essential capabilities than just making logical trees of possible causes and results towards the future. First of all, I’ve got to know my closest alliance partner, Mr. HKD, in the financial market, who’s the top static analyst with ultramodern algorithm. We’ve been steadily discussing what’s done and is going to happen all over the world. By comparing his static analysis with my analysis of open sources on daily base, I always keep on revising my future scenario. It’s a kind of ultramodern collaboration between artificial intelligence and human brains.

Secondly, synchronicity led me to get in touch with my mentor living in Fukagawa/Hokkaido, who’s a master of “Ying-yang” from the Japanese ancient time. He kindly advised me how to adapt myself to the nature and atmosphere () per se and made me practice his traditional method. As long as I can keep my position where I successfully adjust my both psychological and physical conditions to the nature, it’s what I’m thinking and feeling right now that will take place in the reality. In other words, I know the fact “imagination” makes the future realities.

Last but not the least, I’ve been working on expanding human network, which delivers to me essential classified information from time to time. Of course, I now have no official capacity and titles, which usually allow someone to connect himself to governmental classified information. What I have is, again, only my outstanding capability to feel synchronicity which connects me one by one with those who help me to move forward to the right direction. Since I met Ms. AM from Senshu/Osaka in 2002, I became aware that I have this capability. And I already know I’ll get together with her once more between 2018 and 2020, while both of us will take seats at the table for Japan-US negotiation.

Anyway, I keep on feeling the future, therefore I’m writing. Let’s see whether my destiny will open up Japan’s future towards “Pax Japonica”. Stay tuned.