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NAGOYA: New Capital of Japan?

Recently, everybody talks about possible big earthquakes in the very near future in Japan. A series of realities imply we would indeed face one: Grampuses suddenly approach to the Tokyo bay, and the Mt. Hakone continues to smolder. Remembering the tragedy on March 11, 2011, the day of the Great East Japan earthquake, everybody focuses on when and where the new one will happen.

One of the most important “hotspots” where such a bit earthquake would allegedly occur, is NAGOYA in the Tokai region. It has become almost a legend that the Japanese have been given a lecture in terms of the possible TOKAI earthquake by saying, “Be prepared, otherwise, the heart of Japanese industries would be totally destroyed.” Thanks to enthusiastic efforts of Japanese teachers and seismologists, no one doubts this region is most vulnerable to a historical earthquake, which would blow up even TOYOTA.

Having heard this story from me, a connoisseur in the US-Japanese intelligence community started to laugh himself limp and helpless and asked me, “Do you really believe such a story?”

According to his explanation, it’s not a natural disaster such as earthquake, but relocation of Japanese capital that really matters. From the very beginning of successful economic recovery after the WWII in Japan, Japan has been instructed by US to take the worst scenario into account that her capital, Tokyo, would be totally destroyed for some reasons. If it would be realized, GOJ would automatically declare the city of NAGOYA as the new Japanese capital.

These days, Toru HASHIMOTO, Mayor of the city of OSAKA, was defeated in the last referendum by asking the voters whether they will accept to be emerged by the OSAKA prefecture. It was obvious that Mr. HASHIMOTO strategically aimed at relocation of the Japanese capital from TOKYO to OSAKA. Rejecting it in front of me, the connoisseur explains why HASHIMOTO’s dream never comes true: “The leadership in OSAKA simply believes OSAKA plus KYOTO, the ancient capital of Japan, shall replace TOKYO and begin to function as the new capital. Nevertheless, from the viewpoint of KYOTO, the local people don’t want to be connected to OSAKA, since the latter’s people are just different based on some historical, and politico-ethnic facts. “

Preparing for the “X-Day”, many infrastructure has been build up in the Tokai region. One of the typical examples is the “TOKAI-HOKURIKU Expressway.” In spite of being blamed for its uselessness, the expressway was constructed as it had been planned and even allegedly financed by TOYOTA. Why TOYOTA? He added: “The company isn’t just an automobile company but has been worked as a tap of money flow originated in the secret network of hidden asset in the Japanese postwar era. Take a look at the Fushimi Avenue in NAGOYA. Can you rationally explain why we need such a broad avenue with 10 lanes? Because a new capital will need it. That’s NAGOYA.”


By the way, the Fushimi Avenue starts from the Atsuta-Jingu Shrine, one of the most important shrines in Japan, while it holds “KUSANAGINO MITSURUGI”, one of the Three Sacred Treasures of the Japanese imperial house. Once NAGOYA would become the capital, the shrine will begin to be declared as the most essential shrine. All the streets shall begin from there.

Well, dear readers, this is JAPAN, my mother country. The people on the street never get an opportunity to know the truth, even though they can remain happy because of their ignorance. Again, not OSAKA but NAGOYA would the new capital of Japan in emergency. Don’t be deceived.