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Julian’s New Mission.

Yesterday, the Swedish prosecutors dropped Julian Assange rape investigation, which forced him to seek a safe haven in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, UK. Finally, Julian Assange, the self-proclaimed leader of “Wikileaks” triumphs. Now that the prosecution in this regard won’t be realized, he’ll immediately get out of the embassy and re-activate his fight against “injustice” in the global world. In short, the second round of “Wikileaks” has just started.

As I once wrote in my book on the dramatic disclosure of US diplomatic cables by Wikileaks in Japanese language, we should focus on the totally classified intention of someone who’s been both financially and physically supporting all the activities of the Wikileaks. Since the online entity got started with releasing the cables obtained from Chelsea Manning to the public on November 28, 2010, the previous world order has been continuously shaken and urged to change. All the conventional authorities have lost their powers step by step, whereas nobody knows yet what alternative will eventually emerge to save the world. Edward Snowden followed Wikileak’s revolutionary attempt. Thanks to their endeavor, all of us know the governmental authorities always hide something significant from the public eye.

What I mean to say here by is quite simple as follows: In the early summer of 2010, the most credible and closest source to me in US Sephardic elites informed me in advance something terrible would take place very soon, which would kick off the total revision of the world order. “Tell me, what do you exactly mean?”, I asked while staying in a room of St. Regis in Osaka. “Sorry, but I may not tell it to you, Takeo, at this juncture. However, believe me and don’t forget we’re now heading to a terrible age”, she replied. After five months, the Wikileaks officially declared its fight against USG.

Based on this personal but essential experience which only “synchronicity” enabled me to have, I firmly believe Julian Assange is given a new mission right now by being released from the fear of prosecution. Because he’s well punished so far, he can’t help obeying such a command from someone behind the door. Besides the latest campaign on “Vault 7” to leak confidential documents of CIA on its secret advanced hacking program, the Wikileaks must have “obtained” other classified documents and will release them to the public once for all, so that the world order will be so transformed that all the human kind will eventually reach the next phase.

As I repeatedly announce recently in public events here in Japan, summer in this year won’t be the same we had until the last year. The summer ahead will be so “hot” both physically and politico-economically, that we won’t forget it. Well, let’s see Julian’s new mission. He’ll soon show us the next door to the future, which will never be the same our wishful thinking used to tell us. Stay tuned.