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Japanese Companies in Crisis: But How?

One of my most significant intelligence source confidentially reported to me current crises of some leading companies in Japan. Even though Japanese mass media never touch upon the affairs in fear of possible attack by these companies to with draw their advertisements, nobody can’t help arguing as if nothing had happened. To my readership, I’ll just give hereby early warning signals.

First of all, one of the most important automobile companies in Japan obviously falls into a trap. To catch up its competitors in terms of self-driving car system, the company urgently finance more than 10 trillion JPY which it does not have. In accordance with customs among leading Japanese companies after the WWII, the company is now asking the team in charge of the Japanese Imperial House’s secret treasury to financially back the project. The team is, however, extremely embarrassed since it was not sufficiently informed in advance. Furthermore, the team’s leadership doubts the necessity of the project because it needs to build up a brand new satellite system around the globe which Japan has never tried to have by herself. Anyway, the budget with face value of “10 trillion JPY” is something too huge to be immediately prepared. Furthermore, the NORINCHUKIN, which was regarded as a bypass of the secret fund to target companies in Japan, can’t be used this time due to current political turmoil of the Japan’s agricultural cooperative association.

Secondly, you can’t forget one of the Japanese leading companies in heavy industries. In midst of its crisis, the company currently decided to sale its sister companies for real estate management. Well, this is exactly the signal showing that the company can’t be never saved without its internal drastic structural reform. The point is that the company is being used by the Japan’s Ministry for Defense as classified agent for technical verification of military technologies. Imagine even the Government of Japan will get involved in troubles due to failed leadership of the company, which will harm furthermore the US-Japan (military) alliance as a whole.

Last but not the least, I’m personally embarrassed to find out how incapable Japanese real estate companies are in terms of “corporate intelligence”. Being pushed by the Government of Japan under the leadership of PM Shinzo ABE, these rather domestic companies are slowly trying to invest to foreign real properties such as ones in Vietnam. Nevertheless, their leadership are apparently in lack of both the sense of “intelligence” and reliable human network abroad, so that they will fail in foreign real estate markets sooner or later. That will repeat such economic disasters as we Japanese faced just after the collapse of the HEISEI bubble economy in the first half of 1990s.

After all, the prominent companies which once led “rising sun” of Japan until 1990s don’t have the sense to contemplate what problems they have. Without becoming aware of that, they are just beginning to sink into the deep water of quantitative easing by the BOJ, which fails to effectively inflate the Japan’s economy. Watch out.