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Japan and Freemasonry: Why Pax Japonica Ahead?

Recently, I posted a short essay here, to which various actors in the global community and financial market as well kindly responded. Having read through their insightful comments, I could make sure that a historical consensus towards the new era “Pax Japonica” is being created in the global leadership in an accelerated manner.

Now, you may wonder “Why Pax Japonica ahead?” As far as all of us know, Japanese leadership in both politics and economy is obviously less resilient against various risks such as COVID-19, so that they can’t provide even 2 pieces of masks to each one of the Japanese nationals yet. This is the very reality of the Japanese nation state which once proudly proclaimed as number one country in the world in 1980s. Instead of obtaining their own “official-made” masks from the Government of Japan, the people on the street here are just waiting for 100,000 JPY, which GOJ promised to give them in the Diet. Nevertheless, to be honest, I’m wondering how come such a government as the GOJ, which can’t technically dispatch small masks to its people yet, can pay this extra crisis benefit to them without causing any serious troubles. Based on all these issues we can imagine and are facing right now as well, it might seem to be entirely legitimate to say that “Pax Japonica” will never come. Never ever.

In this juncture, you’re kindly recommended to change your viewpoint, I think. Well, you’re fully right when you regard “Pax Japonica” as a never-ending story as long as you just focus on what’s taking place inside Japan. But the question is whether it’s really the Japanese that are allowed to make self-decisions on their own future. Both legally and practically, the answer is YES. However, you’ll immediately doubt it when you’ll have read the following:

The organizational structure of the “Freemason” is said to be divided into three parts. Each one of them has its own headquarter. The first one is located in London/UK, the second in Philadelphia/US, and last but not the least, the third one in Rome/Italy. Several years ago, I was given an opportunity to read through one of the most significant documents distributed exclusively to the members of the third one in Rome. To my surprise, the paper clearly states as follows:

*The world history always used to change itself from Japan. Everything entirely new always gets started from Japan (Not from other major countries such as US and Europe).

*Japan flourishes dramatically and leads the world thanks to this rule of the earth, conditioned that any powerful “leaders” govern the country. If the “powerful” leaders try to lead the nation, Japan always fails.

*In short, it’s really good for both the whole world and Japan that no “powerful” leaders lead the country of Rising Sun.

Koreshige INUZUKA, Captain of the former Japanese Imperial Navy. Enthusiastic Hunter of Freemasons in Shanghai during WWII.

Koreshige INUZUKA, Captain of the former Japanese Imperial Navy.
Enthusiastic Hunter of Freemasons in Shanghai during WWII.

Now that you read that, you may have grasped automatically what I meant to say when I herewith referred to the fate of Japan’s PM Shinzo ABE. Once he would make up his mind to resign, the world history will step forward together with Japan. Let’s see. In this regard, what will take place in the forthcoming June here in Japan will extremely decisive, I believe. Stay tuned.