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It’s Time to Find Out Right Space for Survival.

“Financial Capitalism”, “Digital Economy” and “Irreversible Climate Change”: These are the factors which have been leading us to the era of accelerated total volatilities. To survive even in such a hard time, there is only one way for all of us: Control of our own autonomic nervous system. Why?

Usually, we firmly believe our brain controls other parts of human body. It’s not true. Other parts of our body than brain control the latter. And to check whether the former correctly work, we need the autonomic nervous system.

Now, you may wonder “how”. Based on traditional lectures in East Asia, particularly Japan, there are two things you have to focus on at first: Time and Space. To kick off, you’d better work on time management, conditioned that you’re still young and both physically and mentally capable of controlling yourself. Nevertheless, the time will come when you should step forward to the next stage.

It’s time for you to pick up how “space” management works. As long as you successfully acquire the skill for self-control of your own autonomic nervous system in due course, you may already understand how you feel when you encounter “correct” things: Right person, right moment, and right space. Based on such a feeling, you’ll have to walk around to find out a “right space for survival”.

Again, this was actually what the traditional leadership of East Asia practiced to maintain its power. Ancient leaders were well aware of how to find out “right spaces”. Just take a look at maps, which show where shrines and ancient coastlines are located. Prof. Shinichi NAKAZAWA, who was once a hero of the times in the Japanese public, correctly pointed it out.

At the dawn of the financial capitalism’s final stage, everybody seems to stare only at financial products, which are to soar after the FRB/FOMC will have decided to raise the interest rate in US. In the euphoria we will soon face, we’d better secretly start to take the next step: Finding out the right space for survival. Don’t miss it.