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  3. Invisible “Weltuhr” and Breeze of Hanoi.

Invisible “Weltuhr” and Breeze of Hanoi.

To begin, I just wanna make sure there is an invisible “Weltuhr (world-clock)” in the global community, which keeps on ticking. What our institutes researches and visualizes is this invisible “Weltuhr”, which is unconsciously shared but not explained as such to the public by western global leaders.

For example, when you watch what’s happening between US and Iran, it’s extremely clear these two powers obviously hesitate to kick off a total war while declaring it in accordance with conventional international law. Officially, Donald Trump announced self-restraint just after Iran’s retaliation by massive missile attacks. Simultaneously, Iran conveyed her message to not US but Japan, saying her retaliation against US was done enough, and never intends to do much more necessarily.

Well, don’t get confused right now. We need to stick to imagine the invisible “Weltuhr” and easily find out the date of the global community’s next step was already declared when Boris Johnson’s government in UK fixed the ultimate date of BREXIT in the end of this month (January, 2020), as soon as his party won the previous general election in December, 2019. Having viewed the election’s results, our institute analyzed for its clients the decisive “sea change” of global community/market will take place from February, 2020, and warned them to get prepared for that. And now, you see we’re correct. Everybody feels something significant will happen very soon, but never happens right NOW. And I’m wondering whether you can hear together with me the invisible “Weltuhr” is ticking and ticking.

Just make the whole story simple. Donald Trump isn’t financially capable of starting a war of full scale, while USG has accumulated its sovereign debt overwhelmingly. Someone else has to pay for the sake of USG, whenever a war was officially declared and executed. Who will get involved in this regard?

That’s exactly why Japan is asked to dispatch her destroyers to Middle East, while Prime Minister Shinzo ABE will be welcomed as official guest in mid-January in the same region. Someone in charge of accounting and payment as well shall be feel “sense of participation”. To understand what I mean to say herewith, just imagine what happened after the Gulf war, when Japan was forced to pay all the bill of US military forces due to the war. Again, don’t forget to keep watching the invisible “Weltuhr” ticking towards the very beginning of February, 2020, and get fully prepared for whatever will take place at that moment.


Last but not the least, this week, I was given an opportunity to pay a visit to Vietnam for the first time in my life. While our institute succeeded to sign an official agreement for cooperation with Fulbright University in Vietnam, the first ever private prominent university in Saigon, regardless of all the mess we faced on the street of the city, I really enjoyed together with my staff in charge “Breeze of Hanoi”. As practitioner of Japanese traditional but secret “old-Shintoism”, I used to check how I spontaneously feel (extremely good or awfully bad) whenever I reach a new destination in- and outside Japan. In not only Asia but all the other nations including US and Europe, there is always a district or place in every country, where the local power is located, while I also feel very, very good there. Take an example of Beijing in PRC. Despite heavy air pollution in the entire city, the breeze you can feel on an “Imperial Sacrificial Altar” in Temple of Heaven is totally different from the air and climate around there. It’s also the case of governmental district in Hanoi, Vietnam, where you can enjoy beautiful streets with various old buildings of the local governmental bodies in French colonial style. As soon as I arrived there, it spontaneously occurred to me why western powers such as France and US made extreme effort to invade and occupy the country and the city of Hanoi. In addition, I automatically understood why the people of Vietnam could win the war against the largest power of the world. “Well, we Vietnamese are open by nature and always look forward”, all the intellectuals we met this time in Vietnam said. Their outstanding self-confidence is obviously being natured by this extremely refreshing “Breeze of Hanoi”. On board back to Tokyo, Japan, I couldn’t help from thinking about irreversible devastation of the Japanese in this regard. This is, from my viewpoint, the very beginning of the way to “Pax Japonica”, which will be soon kicked off with collapse of the Japanese governmental bodies both financially and physically. Stay tuned.