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How long will the endgame last??

Having dreamed last night of “the moment of the truth” ahead either on February 26 or March 3, I got up early in the morning as usual and surfed on internet. The morning bird ticker just informs me of the agreement reached by the EU countries including Greece: Mr. Tsipras succeeded to prolong financial support from the EU at least for four more months.

According to western type of astrology, there is said to be a big cliff between 19 and 20 of February in this year, which would clearly divide the world between before and after. Specifically, a new order would begin to emerge after the incident, which all of us have never seen.

Based on that, I simply supposed Greece would finally depart from the current system of EURO and start to rely on an emerging, new currency system conducted by the Russian and Chinese. That could give us tremendous and irreversible impact on both politics and economy, nevertheless, the Europeans seem to succeed to persuade Mr. Schaeuble, angry German finance minister, to reconciliate with the cunning Greek leadership (at least for a while).

Now, I’m again wondering how long the on-going endgame will last? As far as I know, the BOJ made up its mind to join this game as early as in autumn, 2010, although the project per se was tentatively suspended due to the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. As far as I analyzed, all the conditions were set again in autumn, 2012, again, and the endgame was restarted.

The points are as follows: First of all, we obviously lose the feeling of tension step by step, because the endgame was repeatedly delayed as shown above. Secondly, however, the game itself never ends. It’s been still going on, and everybody somehow fears of the X-day ahead. Well, this is a kind of “chicken game”, where only the very last player will face its disastrous end. To evade such a tragedy, retail investors, who learned a lot from fatal lost in 2008 and 2009, get rid of the financial market totally and keep the attitude “wait and see.” That’s then led to divergence between the stock market and real economy all over the world: While the former flourishes, the latter stagnates.

To get a breakthrough, the human kind is now urged to seek a scape goat as usual in the world history. Greece is unfortunately too tiny to be attacked as the enemy of human civilization. Instead, the Europeans slowly get back to their tradition of Anti-semitism. Thanks to the previous financial capitalism, Jewish leadership called “Ashkenazi” were successfully promoted and became well known as “billionaire” in the world community. From the current view point, they were allowed to join the US establishment since late 1960s, because they were secretly doomed to be sacrificed at the very last stage of the financial capitalism.

It’s not Greece but Mr. Netanyahu, the Israeli Ashkenazi leader, that matters right now. As soon as he will aggressively speak out against Obama’s appeasement to the Iranian in the US congress, the US-Israeli alliance will begin to collapse. We’ll see such a historical moment within 10 days, on March 3 (EST). Ashkenazi’s diaspora will then be dramatically increasing, and the so-called “Jewish significant conspiracies” would be revealed one by one, such as the origin of the ISIL: Whether that’s true or not, doesn’t matter to people on the street. The most important thing is they’ll finally find a common enemy called “JEWS”. So far, everybody is forced to believe that the Islam is the common enemy of the western civilization, nevertheless, what would happen, when the “Islamic state” as such will turn out to have been fabricated by Mossad?

Anyway… I myself believe the current “endgame” I described will never stop and reach the next decisive stage very, very soon. Even within 10 days. Then, we’ll encounter the predetermined future which never shows its predeterminedness.