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Gold Soars. What’s the Next?

In the financial market, everybody begins to talk about gold. Because Gold finally started to soar. Behind the door, experts of quantitative analysis say hedge funds and active institutional investors in Hong Kong, which recently have made huge profits by short selling in terms of Chinse mainland market, just begin with jumping into the gold market, and other innocent investors drastically follow. This trend seems to be one-way, that is to say, gold continues to go up not dramatically but steadily.

In this regard, the Saudis and Iranian succeed to play their roles given by the global community. Even though they’re fully aware of the fact that this is an intrigue set by the Westerners, they pretend as if they would fight against each other. By doing so, they’ve been pursuing only one goal: To let commodities soar in the market. Alea iacta est.

Now, you may wonder, “What’s the Next?” In Japan, a series of so-called “experts” on international affairs and security policies love to refer to a beginning of the WW III, which I personally rule out. Since the Islam isn’t foolish anymore and closely coordinated with each other under the table to evade any serious conflicts. Particularly such Islamic nations as Iran and Saudi Arabia, which have shown brilliant endurance vis-à-vis covert actions of US and European countries, are capable of implementing sophisticated strategies. Having said that, I never exclude a proxy war between them, maybe in poor Bahrain is worked on. It’s not a real total war but symbolic event that matters. As far as this event will enable to shock investors all over the world, the regional powers of the Islam will be fully satisfied. Because crude oil will then begin to follow the gold’s trend and soar. The X-Day is been set on January 28, 2016.

In addition to that, you may not forget another on-going story: People’s Republic of China. Everybody is now blaming PRC for the worldwide collapse of the market. But what will happen, if PRC will suddenly show its economic “robustness” by leading her stock market go up sharply again. Well, PRC is a country of the “state-controlled and owned” capitalism, which won’t be never changed. Keep your eyes on copper market, which is usually affected by appetite of the Chinese enterprises.

To wrap up, I’d say this is the very beginning of the age of commodities, which will soon lead us to total and one-way inflation in the global market. Within two or three years, the next stage will have come: the age of hyperinflation and default domino. The critical date is approaching. Stay tuned.