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Ghosn and Iran/US: Implications for Pax Japonica.

Well, Ghosn was not an immigrant but invited as CEO of NISSAN, the second largest automaker in Japan. Nevertheless, according to the golden rule since the Roman Empire, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, he should have (at least) pretended as if he respected the local rules and customs including low level of local wage. If I were he, I had never demanded high salary as he earned previously. Instead, I try very hard to make the people praise and respect me and eventually say, “Let’s build up a memorial foundation as our sincere gratitude for his extraordinary achievement”. The “memorial foundation” should be located and registered in Kyoto, where you can find out lots of joint loop holes for Japanese and French establishment to “wash the money”. If you can’t understand what I mean to say by saying that, ask Jacques Chirac, former President of France, why he repeatedly visited Kyoto. Having said that, from my viewpoint, Ghosn is never worthy of sympathy because of his obvious ignorance on the very deep root of the Japanese.

As I correctly pointed out beforehand (in my Japanese posts), a former member of US army intelligence unit was allegedly involved in this Ghosn’s “gone affair”. Based on Japan-US alliance, US may override Japanese jurisdiction, if needed. Ghosn & associates must have abused this loop hole of Japanese regulation. Well, this is very, very bad and violation of the post-war structure in Japan, which US made extreme efforts to maintain so far.

While Japanese mass media mainly focus on Ghosn’s “gone affair” every day, global mass media report the escalation of Iran/US military conflict step by step. Khamenei and Trump enthusiastically keep on their “war of words” while commanding their own military forces to fight against each other but only in a limited scale. The former even publicly announced, “This is a declaration of war from US”. Now, you may wonder why a genuine “war” hasn’t broken out yet regardless of these circumstances.
From the viewpoint of our institute, it’s not the war as physical clash of military forces but two other elements that are prioritized here by global leadership. The one is closely related with the imminent climax of the (lasting) financial crisis since 2008. Western experts used to comment, “We already recovered from the financial crisis in 2008”. No, this is not correct. Think about the continuous quantitative easing central bankers still pursue all over the world. If the crisis had come to an end, how come they’re still pouring so much money to the market?
To do so, they are steadily forced to prepare their own money. Just by printing money? NO. Their money has to be backed by credible assets such as gold bars (AU). In short, to keep on executing QEs, central bankers frequently sell their AU asset to the market, which is however limited according to the so-called Washington Agreement. How can they be de facto released from such a strict rule of international community?
In the financial world, when there is a rule, there must be a loop hole. In this case of Washington Agreement, BIS gets involved to save the poor central bankers. BIS gathers a part of AU assets from central banks and lend money to them, while selling it to the market discretely on behalf of central bankers. And the point is, whenever they tend to do so, geopolitical risks are to be highlighted which triggers off skyrocket of gold market. In this situation, we don’t need a comprehensive clash of military forces as genuine war. What we need is only a small clash of armed forces and “war of words” through social media as well. That’s exactly what we are facing right now in the name of Iran/US conflict in Middle East. Currently, the global gold market soars. Well, now, you can grasp what the global leadership actually wants to do.

Furthermore, we should pay attention to the fact the Ghosn’s “gone affair” simultaneously happens with this Iran/US conflict. Due to these two events, Japan inevitably gets involved in Middle East affairs step by step. Founders’ families of Japanese prominent big manufacturers have in fact very close personal relationship with Royal Families in this region, and the former even used to deposit their huge assets to the latter’s account in safe havens. This is, of course, very, very bad for leaders of other wester nations, and the structure should be destroyed, they think. As I previously touched upon, all the global leaders with sufficient level are quite aware that not their nations but Japan will lead the forthcoming total change of the world in the name of “Pax Japonica”. To accelerate all the relevant process, they just give more and more pressure to the Japanese, so that something totally new and innovative will abruptly emerge from Japan. Besides that, they make defense against the possibility that Japan will expand “Pax Japonica” only at their own will without any consent of other nations.
Moment of the truth will come when the first destroyer of Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) will reach the sea near Middle East in the beginning of February 2020.

Don’t forget to watch all these incidents and events holistically. Only by doing so, you may anticipate the very near future and acquire “wisdom” in the meaning of Kabbalah. Stay tuned.