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Flexibility and Self-confidence for the Better World.

As you might know, I always get up very early in the morning (at 4:30 AM) for my daily OSINT work. Until 9:00 AM, I intensively work on summing up what I find out in the internet and mix up it with classified information I get thanks to insiders in the financial and political worlds.

Still, my duty doesn’t stop there. As soon as I finish to brush up my image on what’s going on in the global community on the desk, I professionally have to show up as CEO of my own think tank vis-à-vis colleagues in the office located in the center of TOKYO.

Since my company doesn’t need any physical production facilities but depends only on human brains, I sometimes have specific difficulties you might never understand. As long as you work in “factories” as a part of manufacturing sector, what you have to do is just adapt yourself to routines the company’s superiors fix. There, you’ll never burn out, because you’re not obliged to continuously rethink in terms of innovation.

Such a traditional, and bucolic scenery of conventional industries can’t be found in ultramodern sector such as the one I work on as CEO. My think tank dedicates itself to both the financial market and internet, which are inevitably characterized with growing volatilities. In order to catch up with these volatilities you’re never capable of controlling, you may not stop thinking of what’s up right now in the whole world.

Almost 9 years have passed since I built up the think tank called “IISIA”, my own think tank. In the course of time, a series of corporate clients welcomes the company in the market, and I’ve not had any difficulties in terms of “financing “, or financial strategy to run the company. Nevertheless, I’ve had to continue to work on human resources due to the structural impediment I just tried to describe in the company.

It’s almost difficult to decide whom you should hire, while you concentrate only on appearance and face of work force. It’s rather its intelligence, competencies and capability for self-acknowledgement that really matter. The point is you can’t evaluate these capabilities when you don’t start to work with candidates in the reality. Only when you face volatilities to overcome with them in the office, you may grasp what capabilities they actually have.

Calming down intentionally and connecting myself with the surrounding in both the reality and virtual world. That’s what I’ve been doing professionally since I established my own think tank. Those who are born with the sense of acknowledgement and self-confidence based on flexibilities vis-à-vis accelerated volatilities in the real, digitalized world can go along with me as buddies in the company.

Now, we’re about to welcome new colleagues in IISIA very soon. As its founder and CEO, I sincerely hope a new but continuous story for success will be developed thanks to their endeavor to move forward for the better world.