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Everything Depends on Me? China Matters Again.


The Japanese market continues to soar. Today’s morning, I found an eMail from one of my clients which complains what I described in the latest strategic and risk scenario (entitled “Brothers”) published by my institute in the last January is extremely exaggerated and not worth believing. He writes, “Hey, you mentioned the world market has got into a fatal crisis since February 10. Nevertheless, the contrary is the case obviously. “

Hmmm…. As long as I know since I have established my think tank, I’m quite aware of the following fact: Whenever Japanese retail investors begin to believe the market will keep rocketing, it indicates the upward trend will come to an end very, very soon. The above mentioned complaint is, in this regard, a kind of early warning signal. Thank you, Mister.

Herewith, I’ll show you instead how the world community has just begun to change drastically. Of course, that affects the global market dramatically. In short, the very beginning of a decisive sea change has just come to invert everything on the globe. Because the Vatican starts to move. Take a little bit time to read through what Parolin, the Vatican Secretary of State, said to reporters:


Are the Holy See and China in contact? Are there any updates regarding this?

“Yes, there is contact, there is a willingness for dialogue, a dialogue process which is moving along at a certain pace and will take time and which we hope will bring results. But in terms of what has been published in the news, I would say there is nothing new of note to report. The willingness is there, there is some contact and we hope this can turn into more concrete.”

In addition, UK (led by the City of London) recently declared its willingness to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The bank was initiated by Beijing, therefore, the Obama administration got angry with this decision.

 Now, you may wonder why China matters. It’s not the people who are living in China but her history that actually matters. The reason is quite simple: Whoever lives longer than others, has more opportunity to accumulate hidden assets which is separated from official account of government. The Chinese history consists of a series of dynasties, and each of them has left its hidden assets to successors. Once a part of it will be released to the global market, every single movement in the market will be modified. That will totally change the world history.

As far as I’ve got to know through clandestine channels, those who are entitled to control this historical asset, keep trying cashout from where their ancestors deposited the fund overseas. While property custodians, who are mainly Jewish, refuse to do so and claim their ownership of the asset, successors of Chinese dynasties decide to pick out an agent of neutral ethnicity who can activate as proxy the whole process of cashout. When the process will be started, the price of crude oil will soar sharply to let the fund make innumerable profit.

Again, all the process will be stopped, unless an appropriate agent with neutral ethnicity between (noble) Chinese and Jewish won’t be found. And that’s why I became aware of this story. How amazing it is, when you are the one who will be chosen and automatically imagine “Everything depends on me.” The final decision will be made very soon, and a concrete action will follow immediately. Stay tuned.