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Eventually Released: “Pax Japonica”, My New Book.

Hereby, I proudly announce my first book written in English is just published at first in London, UK. The title is, as I mentioned beforehand, “Pax Japonica. The Resurrection of Japan”.

Having heard that, you may now wonder what this exactly means. Facing the realities in various sectors in Japan, she seems to never reach such a historical stage as “Pax Japonica”. The Japanese politics remain extremely troubled, while the economy hasn’t fundamentally recovered since 1990 at all. Regardless of the surprising fact that the Japanese economy is (still) the third largest one in the world, almost all the Japanese don’t know any more what their traditional “pride” is. Instead of that, their younger generations particularly tend to rather on the “here and now” and become introvert in an accelerated manner. Why “Pax Japonica” now?

In order to answer this legitimate question you may have, you have to knock the door to the classified parallel world which has been actually backing the realities we can see with our own eyes. The point is it’s the so-called “off-balance sheet assets” that really matters in this regard. And all the off-balance sheet assets fundamental classes in countries and regions such as kings, queens and their family members, have traditionally merged with each other and are now controlled collectively. The most remarkable fact we should pay attention is the Japanese Imperial House is given an opportunity to control the system as its “signer”.

With this capacity closely related with tremendous amount of historical off-balance sheet assets, the Japanese Imperial House led by the Emperor of each period is about to generate the new world order. However opaque their decision are, all the essential framework for the future world from now on is either indirectly or directly backed by the secret assets the Japanese Emperor controls for the sake of the whole world.

Just before the morning ringing, it’s usually the darkest outside. The situation where Japan is now located is quite similar to this darkness. Almost everything in the Japanese society collapses and falls continuously, as if that would never stop forever. Nevertheless, moment of the truth will sooner or later, while the situation around Japan will change itself dramatically from a certain point and move forward to the “Pax Japonica”. The rest of the world will be unconsciously involved into this process.

To effectively evoke the atmosphere of the morning ringing in the very near future, I published the above-shown new book even in English. So that all the humankind will realize how our common future will be shaped, wherever they are. Take a look at my new book and don’t miss the opportunity to get involved in the genesis of the new world order.