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  3. Dear Prime Minister Shinzo ABE.

Dear Prime Minister Shinzo ABE.

I always give an advice to my foreign friends when they express their wish to get to know Japan much more deeply. I repeatedly tell them as follows: “It’s not Japanese Prime Minister but our Emperor who really governs here in Japan.” Because of the constitutional strict rule after the WWII, nobody believes our Emperor still has sufficient power to both psychologically and physically lead the nation. However, once Japan faces enormous difficulties which seem to be extremely hard to overcome, the Japanese nation tend to rely on not the political power the democratically elected PMs have, but the legitimacy of the Imperial House. Well, this is Japan.

Currently, Shinzo ABE, the Japanese Prime Minister, has been getting involved in more and more political turmoil, even though his party, the LDP, remains the most powerful one in the Japanese Diet. In addition, Donald Trump, the US President recently welcomed Mr. and Ms. ABE even in his luxurious Villa in Miami, which is usually interpreted that PM ABE is fully backed by the US supreme power.

Nevertheless, the political tragedy to be has abruptly begun just after his arrival back to Tokyo. The Japanese mass media are loudly pointing out that ABE’s office including his wife should have abused its political power to take an illegal preferential measure to an ultra-conservative school “MORITOMO-GAKUEN” located in Osaka. In the very beginning of the on-going drama, no major mass media in Japan dared to attack PM Shinzo ABE, except for TV TOKYO Corporation. When I found it out, I spontaneously thought this should dramatically escalate in the course of time. Why?

Since the occupation period after the WWII, the Japanese mass media have been strictly controlled by USG in close connection with the Japanese Imperial House. The Central Intelligence Agency and other US intelligence agencies are in charge and empowered to give nor mere “requests” but “orders” to the mass media in Japan. Because I had very closely contacted particularly a guy working in the above-mentioned TV TOKYO Corporation, I’m quite sure how daily news is both artificially and strategically “made” according to these orders.

In short, we have to recognize the on-going framed-up scandal around the “MORITOMO-GAKUEN” has to be, from my viewpoint, a typical covert action done by US intelligence agencies. And behind them, our Imperial House is always standing.

Jun’ichiro KOIZUMI, the former Japanese PM, can still enjoy his quasi-political life in the Japanese society, because he was so talented to make a decision to resign as soon as someone whispered to him the following: “Our Emperor recently talked to himself that the time has come for you to end up.” I would say, if Shinzo ABE, our dear Prime Minister, wouldn’t also do so, everyone would have to worry about your health condition from now on. The critical date will be either 6th or 7th of March, the date just after the arrival of their Imperial Majesties from Vietnam. The next PM to be, Taro ASO, who is in charge of the next bubble economy to be in Japan until the spring of 2018, is waiting. Don’t forget it.