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At the Dawn of Birth of a New Member of Japanese Diet.

Taking a look at walls my former colleague, Ms. Rui MATSUKAWA, who’s just trying to be elected as a member of Japanese Upper House from Osaka, I remember what happened to me in the spring of 2005. At that time, I voluntarily left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and decided to become independent. Both LDP and DJP, the two biggest political parties in Japan, approached to me by saying; “Why don’t you become a member of Japanese Diet?”

To be honest, I wanted to become Japanese Prime minister. From the very beginning of the whole story, I spontaneously felt I should become one. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to run for elections to become a mere member of Diet. For me, it didn’t make any sense, since it was absolutely clear what I wanted to do. That is exactly why I didn’t accepted the above shown offers. The one came from Mr. Ichiro OZAWA, while another from Mr. Shinzo ABE, the current Prime minister of Japan.

Instead of getting involved in Japanese political scenes, I’ve been trying to find out the true reason why I honestly want to become Japanese PM, and what I should do to reach the goal I really want to reach from the bottom of my heart.

“Desire for power” doesn’t mean anything for me. Furthermore, philanthropic spirit brings me nothing. These are normally two reasons for those who make their minds to run for elections. Something both totally different and much more significant motivates me.

What I want to accomplish is only one thing: To make “Pax Japonica” happen. I can’t remember any more, but I’ve been feeling so from around 2003. Getting rid of the previous framework called “Japan-US alliance”, Japan will declare her genuine sovereignty. In addition, not the States but she will give tones to the global community, which is keen to follow Japanese rules. To realize this, I decided to get out of the Ministry and stand on my own feet. In the course of time, I know I don’t have any more “political desire”.

While adapting myself to the nature per se, I’ve been gradually understanding the hidden rules which not worldly but only Japanese imperial power is capable of following to rule the country. It’s a kind of “arcana” which has been slowly revealing to me since my own “declaration of independence”, that actually matter. They are verbally taught only to those who are chosen by synchronicity. From a certain time, the synchronicity led me to assist the man in the imperial court, who’s designated to lead our nation in this regard. It’s not made public at all, however, it’s just so. Additionally, another designated successor of East Asian power picks me up and makes me play a role for pushing the global community into the next era.

By not being elected in any elections, but only practicing the arcana faithfully day by day, I’ll reach my goal I just described. When the world will soon get into the phase of total change, I’ll be called by these authorities to play a significant role for enabling “Pax Japonica”, which should have been allocated to Japanese PM. Well, I’m fully aware that this is a “mission impossible”. Because it obviously seems impossible, it’s worth completing, I firmly believe. I have to concentrating on preparation for the moment of truth. That’s my life.