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All We Need Is Keeping Things Tidy and In Order.

As I correctly predicted beforehand, oil price has just begun to rocket in the market. This is also the case for other commodities such as gold. Besides that, Bank of Japan declares to finally introduce “negative interest rates”, which led the stock market in both Japan and the States to sharply go up. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is the very beginning of the brand new phase heading to historical asset bubble and then hyperinflation even in advanced markets. Watch out.

Thanks to friendly assistance of Mr. HKD, my closest alliance partner, I’ve been capable of anticipating what happens in the market almost correctly. Even though I’m very, very proud of this capability other analysts never have, I’m a little bit frustrated and need to be inspired by something extraordinary. This is exactly why I met Mr. AN yesterday evening for intensive discussion.

Mr. AN is expert in “keeping things tidy and in order” or 整理整頓in Japanese. As for tidying-up, Ms. Marie KONDO is currently well known in not only Japan but US and Europe. However, Mr. AN is the most genuine expert in this field, since his way of tidying up is not limited just to your rooms and surrounding. What he’s doing is strictly based on virtues, values and practices in Japanese original Shinto (古神道). Mr. AN and I have a common Master of Japanese original Shinto who’s been training us for more than five years. The Master intentionally gives Mr. AN face-to-face lectures and trainings on keeping “spaces” tidy and in order, and me how to tidy up “times”. In this regard, Mr. AN and I am a pair of traditional “Wind God and Thunder God” in Japan.

While enjoying ourselves together in the city, Mr. AN repeatedly reminded me of the importance of keeping things tidy and in order in the Japanese society. The reason is, from his viewpoint, quite simple: When something is kept clean and in order, a genius protects it. Always being aware of doing so, we can find out any subtle changes around us and move forward. Because this rule is too simple for the human beings, almost everyone tends to forget it and accumulate all we don’t actually need in our life. This sometimes brings about negative ends such as misfortune, failure and even sudden death.

Mr. AN and I fully agreed with each other on the fact both Japan and the global community urgently need to dramatically keep things tidy and in order. To make the new world order emerge, we have to sweep away conventional structures we don’t need any more. We can apply this very, very simple fact to both “spaces” and “times”. While I’m expert for tidying up “times”, Mr. AN for “spaces”. He and I will begin to change the world together from the very near future, we firmly believe.

Imagine how smoothly Japan will go up after tidying-up. Stay tuned.