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  3. The War is Coming for Building Up the Trans-Japanese Sea Economic Zone.

The War is Coming for Building Up the Trans-Japanese Sea Economic Zone.

If you belong to foreign readership, you might not know what disciplines the Japanese mass media have been forced to follow since the occupation period after the WWII. During the period, the Japanese mass media were harshly accused of having committed themselves to the aggressive war. The Americans armed forces entitled to identify themselves as GHQ taught them what the (American) democracy was, and how they should behave just to keep on playing the game of democracy. According to the disciplines the American gave them, the Japanese mass media may not predict the future to the public. Instead, they have to stick to analyze only both what was done in the past and current status of the targeted phenomena. For them, telling things in the future is a kind of conspiracy and can’t be done in the name of mass media. The reason is quite obvious: Democracy can work, conditioned that results of each elections are not pre-fixed. The American occupation authority strategically took a carrot-and-stick measure against the Japanese mass media, which had been even hostile to the former in the very beginning of the occupation period. In the course of time, the latter eventually understood what they should do and enthusiastically got adapted with the new reality.

The point is the Japanese mass media can’t recognize such a period is about to come to an end: Recently, I was invited by one of them to deliver a public speech on the new world order. As you know, my institute professionally dedicates itself to both quantitative and qualitative analysis for making future strategic scenarios particularly for the Japanese economic and political leadership. From the view of our institute, the X-Day was evident, so that I proudly announced the following without any hesitation based on our analysis: Be prepared for the breakout of the Second Korean War. Once something significant such as launch of a ballistic missile will take place again on September 15, 2017, we can’t avoid the escalation of the whole situation and will be forced to face the preemptive attack by the US Armed Forces on September 25.

Even though all the audience carefully listened to my speech with great interest, the organizer, one of the Japanese mass media, called my press secretary, who accompanied me as usual, on retour to Tokyo. To be honest, we couldn’t understand what the person in charge meant to say, but could imagine what the guy wanted to complain: Don’t tell such a conspiracy theory any more. All we need in such an official occasion is just analysis of the current situation and the past. Don’t make a prediction.

While listing to my press secretary’s reporting, I just felt the Japanese postwar mass media reach the end of their mission since the WWII. Japan, my country which had proudly showed its brave navy and army till the end of the WWII, doesn’t do anything, although the North Koreans obviously violate the international laws by launching a series of ballistic missiles over the its territory. All we, the Japanese, need is, first, what is about to happen, and second what shall be done accordingly. To do so correctly, we Japanese urgently need future scenarios we rely on. For this purpose, the way of both sound and reliable intelligence other than entertainment of pseudo-intelligence some Japanese authors and ex-diplomats propagate is indispensable for the Japanese society. Since the Japanese mass media were once forced not to include such a way of thinking but are now lazy enough, the Japanese public become more and more reluctant to pay attention to what they inform.

Anyway, our institute is totally independent and shall be maintain without any specific financial contribution other than other so-called think tanks in Japan, which are actually dependent on either the Government of Japan or financial institutions. Again, from our view, all the stories around DPRK is moving forward exactly according to the pre-fixed scenario the global leadership agreed on: DPRK will automatically vanish just after the short-term preemptive attack by the US Armed Forces. Based on that a new governing authority will be built up, which will cover all the Korean Peninsula, that is to say, both the North and South. In Seoul, a new Asian type of UN will be established, which forms the trans-Japanese sea economic zone by involving all the countries which belong to the region: Japan, China, Russia and Korea. As the last resort of global investors, the economic zone will soon get started with flourishing abruptly. Because this dramatic change will be totally financed by the off-balance sheet assets which are closely related to the Japanese Imperial Family, this is exactly one of the future realities called Pax Japonica.

Now, you may have eventually understood what will take place from September 25. The breakout of the (very, very short-term) Second Korean War will be just the beginning of the transition period to the era of the trans-Japanese sea economic zone fully backed by Pax Japonica. Don’t believe anyone who can’t see and tell it to you right now. All you need is just a sold future scenario our think tank professionally makes public for the sake of our common future.